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Moon Harvesting Array

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Moon Harvesting Array
Starbase structure
Source: Purchased
Cost: 5 Mil isk
Mass: 1 kg
Volume: 4.000m3
Icon22 16w.png Anchoring: 10 min
Icon22 16w.png Unanchoring: 20 min
Icon22 16w.png Onlining: 2 min
CPU small.png CPU usage: 500 tf
Powergrid small.png Power usage: 10.000 MW
Shield icon.png Shield HP 5000
Armour icon.png Armour HP 10.000

A deployable array designed to gather raw minerals from moons. Can harvest a good deal of material per cycle, after which it needs to be linked with either a silo (for storage) or a reactor (for chemically molding the materials into something else). A Moon Harvesting Array can mine 100 units of whichever raw material your moon has. So if your moon produces Atmospheric Gases and Tungsten, you can mine 100 of either but not both at the same time unless you have two Moon Harvesting Arrays (one mining each).


Harvestable (raw) materials



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