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Oldschool Community portal

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Community Portal

This serves as a bit of a starting point for the EVE Wiki. Because we started out as a Alliance Wiki you'll find information catering to in-game information about the various Alliances and Corporations that control the EVE Universe. But in the last couple of months information regarding mechanics of the game and background info on ships and races became more abundant and will hopefully be expanded by YOU ;) --Luance DeAngeluotti 06:36, 17 Aug 2005 (PDT)


The topics hereunder are arranged in alphabetical order

Agent Missions

Guides:Agent Missions
Official EvE-Online Agent Mission Guide

Legal System

Newbie Guides

New to EVE? Take a look at the Getting Started Guide.

EVE-Online Offical Guide Tips & Advice

Manufacturing and Research

Manufacturing and Research Guide


Ice Mining
Moon Mining
Guides: Empire Mining
Guides: 0.0 Mining
Hauling Guide
EVE Guide about Mining

NPC Hunting

Complex Survival
Guides:Asteroid Belts

Player Conduct

Player Conduct

Pirate Hunting

The EVE Pirate Hunting Guide

Player Owned Structures

Moon Surveying
Player Owned Structures
Tech 2 Component Supply Chain

Player Versus Player

Guide:Traveling in Low Security
Guides:Defending Mining Operations

Skills and Advancement

Gaining skill and advancing in EVE (Official Player Guide)

Unofficial Guides

Tripoli and Hardin's Guide to Attributes and Skills

Tripoli's Guide to calculating skill training times.


The EVE Escrow Guide.

Technical Information

EVE-Online Minimum Requirements.

Source(s): Gameplay solutions

Ships & Equipment

The Universe


Frequently used, and useful links can be found in the Alliances and Corporations Section, categorized, to help you start your quest for information. Official registered, unofficial and disbanded Alliances are listed, though not a comprehensive listing, as many are named as possible. Alliances are listed in accordance with what geograhic area they occupy, some may be listed in two areas if they cover multiple regions of the map.

Maps of claimed and unclaimed space throughout EVE are similarily made available, from their respective creators.

Corporations, that are independent of an Alliance yet still effect EVE on a galactic scale, are also mentioned.

Alliances General Information

Alliances are groupings of various corporations that have united for finacial and militaristic gains. Often an alliance will have a Non-Aggressision-Pact (NAP) with neighbor alliances, that may or may not require said neighbors to act as allies in a military capacity in relation to security concerns. Often enough, alliances will go to war with each other, usually for land rights, during such times it is not uncommon for innocents to be caught in the fray.

Much of unsecured space is under the control of one alliance or another, whether or not the offical EVE map shows it as being under their control. It is not advised to enter Alliance territory without permission, as one would likely be attacked. Each alliance has their own conditions for aquiring, travel, hunting, or mining rights in their territory. To achieve such privelages, one would inquire with said Alliance's diplomatic contacts. During wartime, Alliances sometimes close off their borders completely.

Official EVE Alliances

Alliance & Territory Maps

Since 20th September 2003 player made Territorial Maps (Otherwise known as an Alliance Map) have been available, showcasing the various territories Alliances in EVE laid claim to, as well as ongoing Wars amongst said Alliances. The first to offer such a map was Kalshrith of Oracle, followed by DP Mephisto, Quarath, Righteous Fury and currently Joshua Foiritain whom won the popular vote to carry on the making of the Territorial Map over otherAlternative Map that was in a style similar to the original map.

Historical Author List:
· Kalshrith Maps: 10/10/2003 ~ 02/03/2004
· DP Mephisto Maps: 07/03/2004 ~ 02/09/2004
· Quarath Maps: 08.05.2004 ~ 02/02/2005
· Righteous Fury Maps: 20.03.2005 ~ 21/06/2005
· Joshua Foiritain Maps: 13.07.2005 ~ present

The most current map is always available HERE

The active forum thread is HERE

>Older Links List:
Righteous Fury's Alliance Map
Quarath's Territoral Map (No Longer Maintained)
Ben Derindar's Alliance Map (No Longer Maintained (?))
Forum Thread

Diplomacy Tables

Diplomacy Table By Amataras

Alliances By Geography

Northern Alliances

Southern Alliances

Western Alliances

Eastern Alliances

Central Alliances

Misc Alliances

Nomadic Alliances

Unofficial Alliances

Disbanded Alliances


Independent corporations that do not belong to an alliance, but play a vital role in the world of EVE.

Corporations that belong to an Alliance but have an impact on the community shall be linked to from Corporations of Note on their respective alliance pages.

Races and Bloodlines

Detailed information on the four Races of EVE.

All info has been gathered from as information source.
Author: EyeDentify

Role Play

This is a first draft and has to be worked on extensively. Unfortunately I can not some links atm, this has to be done later. Maybe this should even become a separate article, but in what namespace? --Luance DeAngeluotti

Since EVE is a Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying game one could think that roleplay is important in EVE. There are a few roleplaying Corporations in the EVE universe (add link to the post on but the number of players in these corporations compared to the number of players in other corporations suggests, that roleplay is only a minor part of EVE.

Roleplay is being fueled by the background that the EVE universe provides (add link to background section on Based on the background, storyline arcs are introduced by AURORA or the CCP Event staff. These usually make it into the news creating new background for the EVE universe. Unfortunately many storyline arcs seem to be forgotten by CCP and vanish to never return, much to the frustration of the roleplayer community.

Unresolved Storyline Arcs --

Another possibility to engage in roleplay is to join one of the Events held by AURORA. Unfortunately these happen only very seldom and until recently got jumped by a certain group of players who simply shot anything they could shoot at without fear of retribution. This can happen because of the current flaws in the software which seem to make it very difficult for AURORA to run events in a logical manner.

(link to 'Yesterdays event exploit on the forum)

Rant about AURORA

About Eve Wiki


FreakBoy is the original creator of the Eve Wiki, which started as the "Alliance Wiki".

Tavernier hosted it till 10/2005.

Wikicities is the new home.

Helping out

Want to help out? All you have to do is register and read the articles. If you find something that is innaccurate, you can help fix it! That's the nature of the Wiki, allowing everyone to contribute to the global information. Every little bit counts, especially when there are thousands of little bits.

Want to do something more concrete? If you contribute a lot you could become an SysOp and help expand the project. Just make sure to add your signature and timestamp to any article you contribute to.

Example: --FreakBoy 17:48, 11 Jan 2005 (PST)
Type: --~~~~

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