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Optimal range

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The optimal range of a module is the distance from the ship activating the module at which the module is most often effective on its target.

For turrets, the optimal range is the distance within which the turret will hit the most often, and thus cause the most damage to an enemy. When fired from within the turret's optimal range, the turret will hit on 100% of the times it fires (assuming the turret is able to track it's target).

Many other modules, such as ECM jammers, work in a synonymous fashion to turrets; that is, they are most often effective at or within their optimal range, and their chance to be effective lessens according to the module's accuracy falloff.

For all other modules that affect a target, such as salvagers or warp jammers, the optimal range is generally the distance at which the module stops being effective. For example, beyond the optimal range of a armor repair projector, it is not possible for armor to be repaired, and a salvager cannot be activated on a target beyond the optimal range of the module. Modules of this kind can be identified by their lack of an an accuracy falloff.

Optimal range can be modified dramatically by the type of ammunition used.

For further discussion, see accuracy falloff and tracking speed.

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