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The concepts of Overloading and Heat were introduced in Revelations II.

Heat is the ability to overload starship modules for a temporary boost in performance, but at the risk of damaging the module.

Performance overloads are temporary attribute increases for selected active modules, covering everything from firepower and defenses to propulsion and electronics. While the benefits of overheating are specific to the module, the cost of heat buildup is cumulative to the rack that the module resides in, which has a fixed heat dissipation rate.

Overheating a single module therefore risks damaging every other module that shares the same rack whether it's low, medium, or high. Each module has a maximum number of hit points it can withstand before failing. Modules that succumb to heat become unusable during combat, but can be repaired when, or if, the ship makes it back to a station.


  • Shield Boost Amplifier increases heat damage from Shield boosters by 100%
  • Heat is distributed over the whole rack, split into High, Medium and Low.
  • The ship User interface reflects Heat and allow management of it: a module capable of overload has a green marker on top of the UI circle which toggles overload on and off. The rest of the circle will glow red once that module starts taking heat damage. Once the circle is completely red, the module will go offline and needs to be repaired before it can be brought online again.
  • A heat status bar has been added above the capacitor, where it shows the heat consumption over the three racks.
  • It is possible to overload the entire rack, using three buttons on the right side of the hit point bars.

To be able to overload your modules, you will need the skill Thermodynamics. It also reduces heat damage by 5% per level

To be implemented in Trinity:

Taking a module offline will make it a heat dispersion module, giving you long-term overload at a more serious cost. Tech Levels are also getting different heat sustenance levels, some can take the heat better, such as the run of the mill Tech 1 modules that don't suffer from the delicate construction of specialized modules. Heat attenuation is being added, so heat damage spreads "sideways" from the overloaded module, not randomly in the rack. You can thereby create buffers by slapping your favorite named/faction module between two Tech 1s if you like. The heat is on, as the classic song said.

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