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30 Day Pilot License Extensions (PLEX)

A new feature introduced with Quantum Rise, the 30 Day Pilot License Extension (PLEX), is an alternative to CONCORD's standard pod pilot contract license. Pilots on this new renewal scheme can purchase license extensions for ISK and thereby forgo the need for a contract altogether.

A standard 60 day time card can be converted ingame to two 30 Day PLEXs. The resulting CONCORD License Extension items can either be redeemed to extend your EVE subscription time by another 30 days, or can be sold, traded or contracted to other players in exactly the same way as any other ingame item.

Converting ETC

To convert a 60 day ETC to a 30 day PLEX, open the "Esc" game menu once logged in and press the "Convert ETC" button which is located in the bottom left corner of the window. Pilot licenses can only be created by characters that are docked in an NPC station. Outposts and conquerable stations are not eligible for that purpose. After a confirmation window, you then type in your ETC code, and are given two 30 day PLEXs which appear in your ingame hangar.

Redeeming PLEX

To use the PLEX to add subscription to your account, just right click on the PLEX item in your personal hangar and select "Apply 30 day pilot’s license." Note that PLEXs cannot be activated while in corporate hangars or in a container.

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