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POS Bowling

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POS Bowling was the practice of using the Titan or Mothership class capital ships to warp into an enemy POS forcefield briefly, thereby bumping any ships that where left inside a forcefield, to outside of the POS forcefield.

Making the enemies assets vulnerable to being stolen or destroyed.

This is now considered an obsolete Military tactic.


The act was performed by warping the capital into the field, pushing whatever it hit outside of the field.

You tube video displaying POS Bowling in action. [1]


Rulings on the POS Bowling tactic were inconsistent, with some people being told to stop it, and some told that it wasn't considered an exploit. While there are reports that GMs intervened in ongoing POS Bowling, where it was spotted, GMs refused to help or reimburse victims of POS bowling citing that they had no way of verifying that the event had occurred as nothing was logged to indicate it (ie. there was nothing to show that X bumped into Y and Y was pushed outside of a forcefield on CCP's GM logs).

As of May 2007 POS bowling was officially considered to be an exploit.[2]


Soon after the exploit announcement was made, there was a change made to the game which made it impossible to warp to the inside of a forcefield without the password, and instead a ship trying to warp into a field was warped 10,000m away.

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