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PvP means Player versus Player, actions in game which affects other players in some way.

Player vs Player is mostly thought of in the combat sense. However in a more traditional sense PVP is the act in engaging another human controlled player in a competition. This includes combat, trading, and industry as well as other area where you try to get ahead in the game.

PvP opposite to PvE.

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Forms of PvP

PvP in EVE is very multifaceted, most commonly combat between player ships is seen as PvP but there are actually more forms discussed here.

The different forms of PvP:

Combat PvP

This is the form of PvP most commonly associated with the term. This is where two or more player controlled ships engage in combat.

Subcategories in this is:

Market PvP

This is the form of PvP traders and producers engage in, by undercutting opposing sellorders and buying out and reselling others orders. This is a much more complex form of PvP that is often overlooked by Combat PvP'ers.

Mining PvP

To be the first to mine the good minerals in an asteroid belt thus depriving other local miners of the profits from the ores.

Thief PvP

The act of stealing from other players. Be it ore from miners, BPOs and BPCs from corp hangars to pilotless safespotted ships.

Spy PvP

Regularly used by alliances but also smaller corporations. The act of infiltrating a hostile corp and/or alliance and relaying tactical information to their enemies. This is a major occurance in factional warfare. This can be accomplished by directly joining one alliance and then quitting, but a more underhanded method of using a second alternate character is viewed by many as cheating, as the primary character is not subject to responses from the infiltrated corporation, as there is usually no connection between the two characters, and the second is discarded if its ever discovered. This is usually verified by requiring a potential recruit to supply an image of their login screen, which shows the name of all characters on any one account.

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