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Passive Targeter I

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Passive Targeter I
Type: Passive targeting system
Tech Level: Tech 1
Source: Made
Medium slot icon.png Requires a Medium power slot.
CPU small.png CPU usage: 20 tf
Powergrid small.png Power usage: 1 MW
Required Skills
Targeting 1
Mass: 2000.0 kg
Volume: 25.0m3
Uses advanced acoustical and visual targeting to identify threats. Allows target lock without alerting the ship to a possible threat.

This is often found amongst pirate loot.



  • Activation Time/duration: 5.00 seconds
  • Activation cost: 5 energy

Required Skills

Manufacturing Requirements

Manufacturing materials
12,500 tritanium

Reprocesses into original components


Passive targeting systems allow a ship to gain a target lock without alerting the target to the fact. They are Mid slot modules.

When this mid-slot module goes online, the enemy ship won't get any indication that you've targeted them. Great for surprise attacks of any kind. This method is also useful for those who wish to scan the configuration or cargo holds of ships without clearly locking them. You must activate this module and then click the ship in question.


Group Name Meta CPU cost duration
Tech 1 Passive Targeter I 0 20 5 5.0 sec
Suppressed Targeting System I 1 19 5 5.0 sec
Indirect Target Acquisition I 2 18 5 5.0 sec
41F Veiled Targeting Unit 3 17 5 5.0 sec
Passive Targeting Array I 4 16 5 5.0 sec
Tech II Passive Targeter II 5 25 7 10.0 sec

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