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Passive tank

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Passive tanking is a way to reduce the damage suffered by a ship by the use of modules that don't consume the capacitor of the ship. This approach can be applied to shields, but it has been accepted as passive tanking the armor variant too. Shields are the best choice for a passive tank.

Passive Shields Tank

Shields are the first to take damage from enemy fire; Caldari, Minmatar and some Gallente ships rely on them to put up a good tank. Their main feature is their natural recharge rate that make them viable for passive tanking. Passive shields tanking means fitting modules that increase the shields' recharge rate, thus increasing the amount of damage the attackers have to do before shields' hitpoints start to decrease.


Passive shields tanked ships utilize a wide selection of modules, most of them not consuming capacitor (thus the name passive):

There are also Shield Flux Coils (low slot) but they boost shields' recharge rate at the expense of shields's hitpoints, so they are not a practical choice. Some modules that consume capacitor are accepted into "passive" shield tanking as long as they allow a stable capacitor.


Caldari ships are the most used passive shields tanking ships in the game, even if there are some Minmatar ships that can put up a strong passive shields tank, and Gallente ships have used this type of tanking first.

Among the numerous Caldari ships (which many are shields tankers), these are the best passive shields tanker (ordered by tank power):

Speaking about Minmatar ships, these can be fitted as passive shields tanker:

Passive Armor Tank

Armor tanking ship (mainly used Gallente and Amarr ones) can also put up a passive armor tank by adding modules to create a hitpoints buffer; this buffer should last the time needed to destroy the enemies. Passive armor tank could be useful in short PvP battles, where the free medium slots can be used to fit E-War modules like Electronic Counter Measures, Remote Sensor Dampers, Stasis Webifiers, Target Painters and Warp Jammers. Unluckily this kind of passive tank has some cons:

  • Armor doesn't regenerate by itself
  • Armor reinforcers add a lot of mass to the ship, decreasing its agility, top speed and AB/MWD effectiveness
  • You have to repair your armor after every battle (this can expensive and not viable during an extended PvP combat)


Passive armor tanked ships utilize mainly these only two modules:

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