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Pith-Robux Asteroid Mining Co.

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  • DED rating: 1/10

A Deadspace complex. These almost always have beacons announcing their presence.


The Pith Guristas run a mining operation in this deadspace complex.

Until recently this was a high-tech refinery, using biochemical fusion and superheated domes. Then a disaster struck, the cause of which is as yet undetermined.

Some recently added information pops up at the bottom of your screen

Surveillance mission 3498D-2K. Amazingly, just after the final blow-out of the station we caught some emergency transmissions from within it. Warp sequence was already initiated so we could not investigate further but advise to send another recon as soon as possible.

Known locations

Region Systems
The Citadel Aikoro, Kusomonmon, Ono, Muvolailen, Oiniken
Lonetrek Ekura, Autama, Ylandoki
The Forge Hykkota, Outuni


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