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Planets, inside the Eve Universe refers to the in-game celestial body orbiting a star or stellar remnant that is massive enough to be rounded by its own gravity (See Wikipedia on real planets). All Planets in EVE are usually named after their system name. The numerical sequence in which all the planet names end relate to the distance in which they are located from the star or stellar remnant, for example: Kisogo 1 is nearer to the Kisogo system star than Kisogo 2.

Planets can be colonized with the use of a command center specific to the planet's type. There are currently eight planet types; Barren, Lava, Storm, Temperate, Ice, Plasma, Oceanic, and Gas. Each planet has five resources that can be retrieved through the use of Extractors. Resources can either be specific to a planet, or may be a more common resource that can be found on multiple planets. Resources on planets are used to create Products with the utilization of a factory.

They are sometimes used as a poor-man's safe spot.

With the advent of planetary industry planets in eve have come into a new light. Players have started to build colonies on the planets surfaces, extract resources, refine minerals and build devices and commodities such as robotics and planetary vehicles.

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The above image is of an in game screen-shot of a dedicated advanced industrial planetary setup designed for making robotics.

See also: Moons, Sun


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