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PvE, Player versus Environment; to engage in combat against NPCs.

Examples of this are:

Opposite of PvP.

PvE overview

Traditioanly in MMO's PvE stands for player versus environment, however amongst Eve players PvE has come to be known coloquialy as player versus Eve, although the tradtional meaning is still retained. PvE means fighting computer controlled enemys, trying to out trade game produced market items and so forth. Traditional forms of PvE include going to an area that is inhabited by AI opponents and fighting them or accepting missions from agents and completing them. As Eve doesnt use the traditional MMO mechanics of gaining XP from killing npc's the player instead benefits from 'bounty' that is placed on the heads of all npc pirates, wich is payed into the players account for every npc 'rat' that is killed (bountys are payed every 15 minutes approx.) Other less traditional forms of PvE are exploration, wich includes scanning for complexes or anomalys and once located, killing any npc's found in the aformentioned locations.

PvE rewards

Running missions grants the player ISK in the form of bounty and mission rewards, and must be accesed through an agent. As you are technicaly 'working' for any agent you do a mission for you recieve a payment for completion of a mission based on the level and quality of your agent, and the severity of the situation you are called upon to deal with. While a low quality level 1 agent might task you with taking out a small group of frigates for a small reward, a high quality level 4 agent may ask you to defeat entire fleets of battleships. As mentioned before, you recieve bounty and rewards in the form of ISK, but you also recieve 'standing' and loyalty points for completing missions, standidng opens up new, better agents and is also needed to install jump clones, while loyalty points can be used to purchase rare faction items that would otherwise cost millions or even billions to aquire. Level 4 missions are generally considered to be the most reliable, consistent form of generating wealth from PvE, although some would aargue that exploration is better. Exploration does grant you access to npc oponents that drop expensive or rare 'faction' loot, however findidng a complex from exploration is hit or miss, and even then there are 5 types of complex and 10 dificulty levels, so while you may take on a dificult level 4 mission knowing it will be hard to complete, you wont know how tough a complex is till you find it, and theres nothing worse than finding a good complex and realising you cant take it on by yourself (ok, getting podkilled due to lag is worse, but its still pretty bad).

PvE locations

Missions can be taken from any agent you have enough standing to use, however while stations with agents are found more consistently in highsec space, lawless space contins agents of a very high quality, giving out higer rewards. Similarly complexes found in low security space are generaly better than those found in highsec. Ratting is the same, the best rats will be found in 0.0 security space, normally battleships with high bounty, while high security space will only have frigates or destroyers to hunt.

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