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PvE Combat Guide

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This guide serves as an introduction to PvE comabat in EVE. This guide will cover how to make money in PvE through Combat Missions or Ratting and some basic advice for those new to EVE or PvE Combat.



PvE Combat is a great way to make money in EVE. While it may not be quite as lucrative as mining, it provides slightly more excitement than watching cans fill up. PvE combat is also a great way to learn how the EVE combat system works before you get into PvP.

There are 3 main paths for PvE combat: Combat Missions, Ratting and Deadspace Complexes. Doing combat missions involves finding a suitable agent and asking for work. Ratting involves traveling between asteroid belts and find NPC pirates to kill.

Combat Missions

Combat Missions are usually more profitable than ratting, but they take a bit more effort. They are also much easier and safer than Deadspace Complexes. All you need to start combat missions is a basic combat frigate and some basic weapons. You may even be able to complete a few missions in your rookie ship, but they will usually be more trouble than they're worth.

The first step in doing combat missions is finding a good agent. This can be a bit tricky because there are 100's of agents in the game. To start, you should pick a corporation to work for. While you're doing missions, you build reputation with both agents and corporations, so you want to avoid switching corporations too much. Generally, your races navy/fleet is a good place to start. You can find a corporation by using the people and places window.

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Useful PvE Techniques

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