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Reinforced mode

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Reinforced mode is a Player Owned Station (POS) operating mode, intended to allow the owner time to plan for the defense of the station.

Reinforced mode occurs when a station's force field is first reduced to 25%, and the station has a minimum amount of strontium clathrates in supply.

Siege effects

When the shields of a player owned station are reduced to 50%, the operators may not add Strontium Clathrates to the Control Tower, nor may they online any modules that require CPU.

When the shields are reduced to 25%, if there are at least enough strontium clathrates to power the tower for at least one hour, the POS enters reinforced mode. In Reinforced mode...

  • The starbase force field becomes invulnerable to all damage, but will no longer recharge itself to repair damage done to it.
  • The station begins consuming Strontium Clathrates.
  • All CPU-requiring modules turn off, and cannot be brought back online until the force field integrity is 50% or above again. This may disrupt research, production, mining, etcetera.
  • The tower will accept no further fuel of any sort.


  • Structures that require no CPU to operate will still function.
  • You can still target and remote repair defensive structures that are not inside the force field of the control tower and attempt to bring them online.
  • You may anchor structures (for instance, defenses) at the control tower.

The station will remain in reinforced mode until the supply of strontium clathrates runs out. The tower will consume them at a rate of 200 / period, with the period depending on the size of the tower. Larger towers have shorter times between refuelings.

Coming out of reinforced mode

  • The control tower will go online again, and can be targeted normally.
  • The shields will start to recharge again.
  • Any structures that went offline due to the reinforced mode status will have to be manually onlined again when the shield returns to 50% or higher status.

It is likely that whoever put the POS into reinforced mode will be waiting when the tower leaves that mode.


You want to have something like 12 or 36 hours of strontium in your towers, because they tend to go down at an enemy's peak time, and you don't want them killing your tower at the same time tomorrow.

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