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Rhea 256.jpg
Tech 2 Jump Freighter
Basic Fitting Information
Powergrid small.png Powergrid 1 MW
CPU small.png CPU 1 tf
High slot icon.png High Slots 0
Medium slot icon.png Medium Slots 0
Low slot icon.png Low Slots 0
Turret hardpoints.png Turrets 0
Launcher hardpoints.png Launchers 0
Rig slot.png Rig Slots 0
See Fitting for more information.
Basic Combat Attributes
Shield icon.png Shield HP 7,200
Armour icon.png Armour HP 24,000
Icon max velocity.png Max Velocity 72 m/s


The Rhea is the Caldari jump freighter. It is a Tech 2 ship based off of the hull of the Charon, but a jump drive has been added on, allowing for better travel through the deep reaches of lawless space.


Name: Rhea
Hull: Charon
Role: Jump Freighter

It wasn’t long after the Thukkers began deploying their jump capable freighters that other corporations saw the inherent tactical value of such ships. After extended negotiations, Ishukone finally closed a deal exchanging undisclosed technical data for the core innovations underpinning the original Thukker Tribes design allowing them to rapidly bring to the market the largest jump capable freighter of them all, the Rhea, a true behemoth of the stars.

Developer : Ishukone

Ishukone, always striving to be ahead of the competition, have proved themselves to be one of the most adept starship designers in the State. A surprising majority of the Caldari Fleets ships of the line were created by their designers. Respected and feared by their peers Ishukone remain amongst the very top of the Caldari corporate machine.

Caldari Freighter Skill Bonus:

  • 5% bonus to cargo hold capacity per level
  • 5% bonus to agility per level

Jump Freighters Skill Bonus:

  • 10% bonus to shield, armor and hull hitpoints per level
  • 10% reduction in jump fuel need per level



CPU : 1tf
Powergrid : 1MW

Low slots : 0
Med slots : 0
High slots : 0

Launcher hardpoints : 0
Turret hardpoints : 0


Structure hit points : 127,500
Capacity : 294,375 m3
Drone Capacity : 0 m3
Mass : 960,000,000 kg
Volume : 16,250,000.0 m (1,000,000.0 m packaged)

EM Damage Resistance : 0%
Explosive Damage Resistance : 0%
Kinetic Damage Resistance : 0%
Thermal Damage Resistance : 0%


Armor hit points : 24,000

Armor EM Damage Resistance : 50%
Armor Explosive Damage Resistance : 10%
Armor Kinetic Damage Resistance : 25%
Armor Thermal Damage Resistance : 50.5%


Shield hit points : 7,200
Shield recharge time : 2,000 seconds

Shield EM Damage Resistance : 0%
Shield Explosive Damage Resistance : 50%
Shield Kinetic Damage Resistance : 40%
Shield Thermal Damage Resistance : 28%


Capacity : 35,000 GJ
Recharge time : 2000 seconds


Maximum targeting range : 0 km
Maximum locked targets : 0
Scan resolution : 0 mm
Gravimetric sensor strength : 96 points
Signature radius : 2,928 m

Jump Drive Systems

Jump drive capacitor need: 95%
Maximum jump range: 5 ly
Jump drive fuel need: Nitrogen isotopes
Jump drive consumption amount: 3,300


Max velocity : 72 m/sec


Tech-1: Charon
Tech-2: Rhea

Skill Requirements

Manufacture & Reprocessing





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