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A rig improves or otherwise modifies an attribute or attributes of a ship, often with a drawback of some kind. Functionally, rigs are analogous to implants, but for a ship instead of a character.

Rigs are permanent ship modifications that provide bonuses to various ship functions, and work in much the same manner as implants do for players; they can be inserted in specially designated slots, and will be destroyed if they are removed. They can only be uninstalled by destroying them and/or when the ship is blown up or repackaged. Rigged ships can be traded via contracts. Rigs require 'calibration points' which are taken up by installed Rigs in a similar fashion that Modules consume CPU or Power Grid. Tech 1 ships get 3 Rig slots and 400 calibration, faction ships get 3 rig slots and 350 calibration, and Tech 2 ships get 2 rig slots and 400 calibration. Rigs can be installed in the 'ship fitting' window in a station, the same place where modules are installed.

Fitting any Rig requires the Jury Rigging skill, and fitting of a rig that has a specific skill for its group (e.g., Hybrid Weapon Rigging) requires that skill. Most Rigs have a drawback statistic, reducing some area of your ship while boosting the designated one. These can be mitigated by increasing the specialized Rig skill. Rigs have stacking penalties with themselves and with modules that normally have stacking penalties that affect the same stat as the rig does.


Fitting Rigs

To fit a rig onto a ship, the ship must have two things: A free rig slot, and sufficient calibration capacity.

Calibration is a designation for the amount of rigging that's been put on a ship, and limits further upgrades in much the same way that Power and CPU values limit you in fitting regular modules.

As an example, the Probe has 400 in Calibration and, being a Tech I ship, can have three upgrades fitted. If you fit two upgrades with total 300 in Calibration you could only fit an upgrade with Calibration 100 or lower into the third slot. The Calibration capacity of a ship cannot be altered.

Inserting a rig into a ship is instantaneous, just like installing an implant. The rig insertion will always be successful, but as noted, if you remove the rig or repackage the ship, it will be destroyed. Before you fit a rig onto a ship, be absolutely certain that you want it to be placed on that ship and nowhere else.

The effects of Rigs

Rigs may affect either the attributes of the hosting ship, or of modules fitted on that ship. They usually provide a both positive and negative effect, such as increasing the output of one function while decreasing the output of another.

If you fit onto a ship a rig that's designed to boost some type of module, and that module type isn't fitted on the ship, the rig will not provide any positive effects. However, the rig's negative effects will still be applied. As an example, if you fit a "Core Defence Operational Solidifier", which reduces the duration of shield booster cycles at the expense of increased signature radius, and if you don't actually fit any shield boosters on your ship, the Solidifier will still increase your signature radius.

Where to get Rigs

Rigs are produced from items found in wrecks analyzed with the salvaging skill.

The easiest way to obtain rigs would be to buy them off the player market. They can cost anywhere from 100k for Small T1 rigs, to 35 million for Large T1 rigs, while Tech 2 Rigs can cost upwards of 250 million. If your ship's role is one where it will likely explode quickly, Rigs are probably not a good investment (unless the Rigs are a fraction of the ship price, and your income pays out in millions of ISK).

You can also manufacture them yourself, but you'll need salvaged materials that can only be acquired by salvaging ship wrecks. Salvaging requires the Salvaging skill and the Salvager I module. By activating this module on a wreck there is a chance of successfully salvaging materials from the wreck. Each wreck can only be salvaged once.

Aside from the salvaged materials, the manufacturing process for a particular rig requires the blueprint for that rig. Blueprints for Tech I rigs can be bought on the market cheaply (under 200k ISK for most), but blueprints for Tech II rigs can only be acquired by the use of Invention on a Tech I blueprint (or, of course, by purchasing them from other players).

List of rigs


All penalties are -10% max velocity.


All penalties are -10% armor amount


All penalties are -10% CPU


Electronic improvements do not have drawbacks.

Electronic Superiority

All penalties are -10% shield HP.

Energy Grid

Energy grid improvements do not have drawbacks.

Energy, Hybrid, or Projectile Weapons

All penalties are +10% power grid need for that weapon type.
Effect Name Tech Amount Calibration
CPU need Algid E/H Administrations Unit I -10% 50
II -15% 75
Falloff E/H/P Ambit Extension I 15% 100
II 20% 150
Cap need E/H Discharge Elutriation I -20% 100
II -25% 150
Rate of Fire E/H/P Burst Aerator I -10% 200
II -15% 300
Optimal E/H/P Locus Coordinator I 15% 100
II 20% 150
Damage E/H/P Collision Accelerator I 10% 200
II 15% 300
Tracking E/H/P Metastasis Adjuster I 15% 100
II 20% 150


All penalties are 10% increased CPU requirement for launchers.
Effect Name Tech Amount Calibration
Rate of Fire Bay Loading Accelerator I -10% 200
II -15% 300
Missile Velocity Hydraulic Bay Thrusters I 15% 100
II 20% 150
Flight Time Rocket Fuel Cache Partition I 15% 100
II 20% 150
Damage Warhead Calefaction Catalyst I 10% 200
II 15% 300
Explosion Velocity Warhead Flare Catalyst I 15% 50
II 20% 75
Explosion Radius Warhead Rigor Catalyst I -15% 100
II -20% 150


All penalties are 10% increased signature radius.
Effect Name Tech Amount Calibration
Shield resists Anti-EM/Ex/Ki/Th Screen Reinforcer I 30% 50
II 35% 75
Shield boost cap need Core Defence Capacitor Safeguard I -10% 50
II -15% 75
Power need
of shield upgrades
Core Defence Charge Economizer I -10% 50
II -15% 75
Shield capacity Core Defence Field Extender I 15% 50
II 20% 75
Shield boost duration Core Defence Operational Solidifier I -15% 100
II -20% 150
Shield Recharge time Core Defence Field Purger I -20% 50
II -25% 75



Armor: Anti-em PumpAnti-explosive PumpAnti-kinetic PumpAnti-thermic PumpAuxiliary Nano PumpNanobot AcceleratorRemote Repair AugmentorSalvage TackleTrimark Armor Pump

Astronautics:Auxiliary ThrustersCargohold OptimizationDynamic Fuel ValveEngine Thermal ShieldingHyperspatial Velocity OptimizerLow Friction Nozzle JointsPolycarbon Engine HousingPropellant Injection VentWarp Core Optimizer

Drone:Drone Control Range AugmentorDrone Durability EnhancerDrone Mining AugmentorDrone Repair AugmentorDrone Scope ChipDrone Speed AugmentorSentry Damage AugmentorStasis Drone Augmentor

Electronics:Emission Scope SharpenerGravity Capacitor UpgradeLiquid Cooled ElectronicsMemetic Algorithm BankSignal Disruption Amplifier

Electronics Superiority:Inverted Signal Field ProjectorIonic Field ProjectorParticle Dispersion AugmentorParticle Dispersion ProjectorSignal Focusing KitTargeting System SubcontrollerTargeting Systems StabilizerTracking Diagnostic Subroutines

Energy Grid:Ancillary Current RouterCapacitor Control CircuitEgress Port MaximizerPowergrid Subroutine MaximizerSemiconductor Memory Cell

Energy Weapon:Algid Energy Administrations UnitEnergy Ambit ExtensionEnergy Burst AeratorEnergy Collision AcceleratorEnergy Discharge ElutriationEnergy Locus CoordinatorEnergy Metastasis Adjuster

Hybrid Weapon:Algid Hybrid Administrations UnitHybrid Ambit ExtensionHybrid Burst AeratorHybrid Collision AcceleratorHybrid Discharge ElutriationHybrid Locus CoordinatorHybrid Metastasis Adjuster

Launcher:Bay Loading AcceleratorHydraulic Bay ThrustersRocket Fuel Cache PartitionWarhead Calefaction CatalystWarhead Flare CatalystWarhead Rigor Catalyst

Projectile Weapon:Projectile Ambit ExtensionProjectile Burst AeratorProjectile Collision AcceleratorProjectile Locus CoordinatorProjectile Metastasis Adjuster

Shield:Anti-EM Screen ReinforcerAnti-Explosive Screen ReinforcerAnti-Kinetic Screen ReinforcerAnti-Thermal Screen ReinforcerCore Defence Capacitor SafeguardCore Defence Charge EconomizerCore Defence Field ExtenderCore Defence Field PurgerCore Defence Operational Solidifier

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