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Rookie ships

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Everyone has to start from somewhere. Even an advanced player, if she spends her last ISK and gets blown out of space, has to be able to get back into space somehow.

The rookie ship is that somehow. A new pilot starts out in a Rookie ship for his Race (Amarr, Caldari, Gallente, or Minmatar). Any pilot who pulls into a station in only his pod, if he doesn't have a ship there already, is given a Rookie ship. Thus, you can never be trapped in a position you cannot ever recover from. Your recovery may be slow and painful, but you can still get there.

Benefits of the rookie ship

  • It's free, and it's there. Those are very good attributes.
  • It's better than running around in a pod. If anything, it's faster, it's sturdier, and you can actually DO more than simply run around in it.
  • You get a free Basic Miner and Civilian-issue weapon. The weapon isn't worth much in a fight, but it's better than chucking rocks. And hey, it doesn't require ammunition!
  • Its warp speed is as fast as that of any larger class of ship (Destroyers on up), and is faster out of warp than any of them as well.

Down sides to the rookie ship

  • Its warp speed is slow compared to other frigates, about half that of every other frigate in existence. Its normal-space drive is slower than most other frigates as well.
  • It has fewer slots than any other frigate, making it less customizable.
  • It is considerably weaker - shields, armor, hull - than any other frigate. Even the mining frigates, which is saying something.
  • It cannot be reprocessed into minerals. Sorry, you can't farm resources by running your free ship through the smelter. Same holds true of the equipment it comes with.

Reasons to use a rookie ship

  1. You got shot out of the sky, and your spare ships are several systems away.
  2. Your spare ships got destroyed too.
  3. You ran out of money to equip the ships that got destroyed. (Remember, the rookie ship comes with a Basic Miner.)
  4. You want people to think you aren't worth shooting up.
  5. You want to BE "not worth shooting up".
  6. You don't care if you get shot up. In fact, you expect it. The rookie ship, being free, isn't going to cost you anything to lose.

The rookie ships

What is common between them


1 low slot, 1 medium slot, 2 high slots.
80 CPU, 11 Powergrid
120 M3 cargo

Skills required: level 1 with your Racial Frigate skill. (All characters are given this skill to start with. The Rookie Frigate will not be denied!)

Structure: about 125; Armor: about 160; Shield: about 80; Ship warp speed: 3.0 AU/S


The Gallente rookie ship, unsurprisingly, has twice the drone capacity of any other rookie ship. This only amounts to space for 2 drones instead of 1, ... but it's the principle of the thing!


The Caldari rookie ship comes with the best shield rating of any rookie ship. Sadly, that still isn't saying much. It adds to that, though, by having the longest maximum targeting range. ... of the rookie ships.


The Minmatar rookie ship, with a 275 m/sec top speed, is the fastest of the rookie ships. It actually comes close to being as fast ... as the slowest Tech 1 Minmatar frigate. Still, it's fairly speedy overall. You'll need it, though, as the targeting range for this ship is the least of all the rookie ships - a mere 15km.


You might (almost) be tempted to to stay in the Amarr rookie ship for a while. Since your Amarr Frigate skill decreases the capacitor use by lasers, you are able to improve the weaponry of this ship more than the other rookie frigates. You are prompted to move on, though, by the comparatively weak defenses of this ship - even compared to other rookie frigates.

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