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Safe spot

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A safe spot is a bookmark which is not next to any warpable object.

In-Warp Safes

Safespots can be made during warp, via people and places tool. Common but poor safe spots are made in-warp between gates or other objects (known as 'between-gate' safes). Better safe spots are made in-warp between other safe spots, or after hours of flying into empty space.

Due to their often-predictable locations, In-Warp safes are vulnerable to Warp Disruption Fields placed along routes between stargates: a common tactic in gate camps.

Off-Grid Location Safes

A useful type of a safespot is near a gate or a station, but outside grid range - for example, few thousand kilometers from one; this allows easy scanning of the target location while offering the same security as the average 'between gate' safespot.

Undock Safes

Main article: Undock bookmark

A safe spot placed at a point that is exactly aligned to a ship leaving a station, but far enough from the station to be off-grid is known as an undock safe. This safe spot allows a ship to undock, then immediately warp to it without aligning under fire from (or be warp scrambled by) potential hostiles.

Poseidon Safes

Pioneered by Goonswarm, a form of ultra-deep safe can be made by abusing log-off emergency warps with low-agility ships. Deep safes of 1000AU from the nearest celestial object are not unheard of. However, the Tyrannis expansion blocks this type of safe spot.

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