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All ships destroyed in the game now leave wrecks. Wrecks have replaced the loot cans that previously dropped from ships upon their destruction. While regular looting of a shipwreck will not require special skills or equipment, ships equipped with salvager modules have a chance of recovering ingredients needed for manufacturing rigs.

Looting NPC or player's elite ships can yield T2 salvage parts needed for Tech 2 rigs. These parts are differentiated by either not being damaged (Broken, Smashed, Twisted), or described as whole (Intact).

Skills: Salvaging

Proficiency at salvaging ship wrecks. Required skill for the use of salvager modules. 5% increase in chance of salvage retrieval per level.


Certain factions will drop certain parts and this will correlate to which factions are best to kill for certain rigs. Frequencies are based on a basket of goods salvaged from that Faction in asteroid belts in 0.3 Security space.

So far as is known, Salvaging skill only increases the chance per cycle of successfully salvaging the wreck. The only known factor influencing what is salvaged is the type of wreck itself.

See also

  • Salvager - on actually conducting salvaging operations.

Salvage statistics

Faction (%Frequency)Items Value (Approx)
Gallente Navy All kinds of circuits
Caldari Navy All kinds of circuits
Republic fleet All kinds of circuits
Amarr Navy All kinds of circuits
CONCORD Metal scraps
Angel Cartel (26%)Smashed Trigger Unit Poor (500)
(18%)Burned Logic Circuit Good (90K)
(15%)Charred Micro Circuit
(11%)Alloyed tritanium Bar Very Good (500K)
(9%)Tripped Power Circuit
(7%)Contaminated Nanite Compund
(5%)Malfunctioning Shield Emitter
(5%)Armor Plates Very Good
(5%)Fried Interface Circuit
Serpentis Broken Drone Transceiver Poor (350)
Burned Logic Circuit Good
Charred Micro Circuit
Conductive Polymer Poor
Contaminated Lorentz Fluid Poor
Contaminated Nanite Compound Good
Damaged Artificial Neural Network
Fried Interface Circuit Good
Tripped Power Circuit Good
Sansha's Nation (17%)Armor Plates Good (150)
(16%)Contaminated Nanite Compound
(16%)Burned Logic Circuit
(15%)Tripped Power Circuit
(9%)Fried Interface Circuit
(9%)Melted Capacitor Console Very Good (380K)
(7%)Defective Current Pump
(5%)Charred Micro Circuit
(5%)Tangled Power Conduit Poor (600)
(<1%)Contaminated Lorentz Fluid
Mordu's Legion Armor Plates
Conductive Polymer
Defective Current Pump
Blood raiders Armor Plates Very Good (150K)
Burned Logic Circuit Good (90K)
Charred Micro Circuit
Contaminated Nanite Compound Good (15K)
Defective Current Pump Poor (200)
Fried Interface Circuit Good (30K)
Melted Capacitor Console Very Good (380K)
Tangled Power Conduit Poor (600)
Tripped Power Circuit
Thukker tribe Scorched Telemetry Processor Good
Ward Console Good
Malfunctioning Shield Emitter Good
Thruster Console
Rogue Drones Every Kind of parts

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Salvaged Materials

Alloyed Tritanium BarArmor PlatesArtificial Neural NetworkBroken Drone TransceiverBurned Logic CircuitCapacitor ConsoleCharred Micro CircuitConductive PolymerConductive ThermoplasticContaminated Lorentz FluidContaminated Nanite CompoundCurrent PumpDamaged Artificial Neural NetworkDefective Current PumpDrone TransceiverEnhanced Ward ConsoleFried Interface CircuitImpetus ConsoleIntact Armor PlatesIntact Shield EmitterInterface CircuitLogic CircuitLorentz FluidMalfunctioning Shield EmitterMelted Capacitor ConsoleMicro CircuitNanite CompoundPower CircuitPower ConduitScorched Telemetry ProcessorSingle-crystal Superalloy I-beamSmashed Trigger UnitTangled Power ConduitTelemetry ProcessorThruster ConsoleTrigger UnitTripped Power CircuitWard Console

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