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Sansha's Nation faction ships

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The scattered remnants of a sixth empire, whose twisted abuses of technology invited the wrath of the other five empires. The remaining ships and outposts continue to prey upon the empires across the galaxy, using bizarre ship designs of their own. Their modules seem to be related to those of the Ammatar.

Only frigate, cruiser, and battleship faction ships exist at this time. These ships are generally considerably better than Tech I ships, though not necessarily better than Tech II ships. However, they do not have nearly as high skill requirements as Tech II ships. Faction ships range from mildly rare to extremely rare, and usually cost as much as or considerably more than a Tech II ship of the same class.

Playable Ships


Succubus: The Succubus on the face of it appears unimpressive; but its bonus brings its two turrets to the equivilent dps of four, and its power grid rivals some destroyers.


Phantasm: A remarkable mini-Marauder with the ability to put out the equivalent of six laser turrets' damage, with both enhanced damage and tracking, and this with two high slots to spare, the Phantasm is highly desirable as a gunboat. As any Sanshas ship though, it has the disadvantage of simultaneously being a laser ship and a shield tanker, taking a heavy toll on its capacitor.


Nightmare: Having only the Amarr Paladin as a possible contender for sheer, sustainable long-range damage, the Nightmare is a terrifying battleship to meet in battle. Its effectiveness-doubling bonus to Large energy turrets lets it sport the equivalent of eight turrets. It faces the same capacitor issues as the Phantasm.

Faction Supercarrier

Revenant: Award after killing Sansha Kuvake in the Incursion expansion.

Do you know what you are, capsuleer? The truth will not comfort you. You are a frightened child running headfirst towards oblivion.

And I? I am the only one who tried to stop you. I am the Messiah that you turned against.

You persecuted me, hunted my children. Vowed to burn my Promised Land to ash.

Now I have returned, and I know you better than you know yourself.

I will vanquish your fear, and commute your flesh to dust.

- Sansha Kuvake

Deadspace Ships

Asteroid Belt Ships

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