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Science skills overview

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Science Skill Tree

Primary Attribute: Intelligence
Secondary Attribute: Memory

'pure' science skills

Electronics science skills

Survey science skills

Mechanics science skills

Engineering science skills

Other science skills

Ask Dr. Science!

The Science skill category centers on research, but it has a few tie-ins with other disciplines as well.

There are significant stakes involved in research, so the skills that enable research projects are largely prohibited to trial accounts.

Research aside, science skills are involved in advanced mining and processing techniques, advanced survey abilities, and in the use of jump clones.


Base skill: Science

The root of the entire category (excepting Infomorph Psychology), the benefit of the Science skill is that it speeds copying of blueprints by 5%/level. As Science is about researching blueprints, making copies faster is a generally useful skill.

Improving research ability

These skills improve your base ability to conduct research in various ways.

Laboratory Operation
Allows you to run 1 research job per skill level.
Advanced Laboratory Operation
Allows you to run 1 additional research job per skill level.
reduces the time required to conduct manufacturing time research by 5%/level
reduces the time required to conduct materials efficience research by 5%/level.
Research Project Management
Allows the use of one additional research agent simultaneously per level. (You can use one normally, so this skill allows you to use up to 6 at the same time.)
Scientific Networking
Allows you to run research projects remotely. Level 1 allows for range within the same solar system, Level 2 extends that range to systems within 5 jumps, and each subsequent level then doubles it. Level 5 allows for full regional range. This compares to Supply Chain Management for running production jobs, and various skills for conducting trade.

Significant skills

Infomorph Psychology

Infomorph Psychology is the skill that permits the use of jump clones. It allows 1 such clone/skill level. See the page on Jump Clones for more information.


Allows overloading components, increasing their abilities, but causing them damage.

General Science skills

Many science skills have application outside of research.

Scanning skills

allows one additional scan group/level
Astrometric Pinpointing
reduces maximum scan deviation by 10%/level.
Astrometric Acquisition
increases scan strength by 5%/level
Astrometric Rangefinding
grants 10%/level faster scanning with scan probes
Jump Portal Generation
reduces the cost of generating a jump portal by 10%/level. See also Jump Portal Generator.

Booster skills

increases duration of attribute boosters by 20%/level.
Nanite Control
Reduces the severity of side effects of combat boosters by 5%/level
Neurotoxin Recovery
Reduces the chance of side effects from using combat boosters by 5%/level.

Implant skills

allows the use of implants.
Gunnery Interfaces
Allows the use of advanced gunnery interfaces.

Archaeology skills

These skills improve your ability to make and use archaeological finds. The Technology skills themselves are believed to be 'found' through the use of Archaeology. See also The Archaeologist.

required to use an Analyzer Module. Gives a 5%/level chance to make an archaeological 'find'.
Sleeper Technology, Takmahl Technology, Talocan Technology, Yan Jung Technology
All enable use of components using that technology, presumably also the result of archaeological finds.

Hacking skills

Hacking is similar to Archaeology, in that it provides high-tech components for the market. Deadspace complexes have hackable cans, sometimes. See also The Hacker.

Permits the use of Codebreaking Modules. Gives a 5%/level increase in data retrieval.
Amarr Encryption Methods, Caldari Encryption Methods, Gallente Encryption Methods, Minmatar Encryption Methods
allows hacking into cans requiring the respective encryption methods.

Other general skills

improves mining turret yields by 5%/level
Cloning Facility Operation
Allows operation of a Cloning Vat Bay.
Doomsday Operation
Allows operation of a doomsday device on a titan.
Genetic Engineering
allows use of DNA mutators

Research skills

These skills are all used primarily in conducting research with the aid of research agents. These skills all require Science (5), and may only be trained on paid accounts. See also: Research.

Requiring Electronics (5)
Electromagnetic Physics, Electronic Engineering, Nanite Engineering
Requiring Mechanic (5)
Astronautic Engineering, Amarrian Starship Engineering, Caldari Starship Engineering, Gallentean Starship Engineering, Minmatar Starship Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Molecular Engineering, Rocket Science
Requiring Engineering (5)
Graviton Physics, High Energy Physics, Hydromagnetic Physics, Laser Physics, Nuclear Physics, Plasma Physics, Quantum Physics

Historical Notes

The skill 'Mnemonics' may have existed briefly, but has since been removed, as has a skill named 'Reverse Engineering'.

The skills Angel Encryption Methods, Blood Raider Encryption Methods, Guristas Encryption Methods, and Serpentis Encryption Methods all exist on live characters, but were replaced by faction related skills once the Invention system was released.

With the Apocrypha expansion, the skill Signal Acquisition was renamed Astrometric Triangulation. The skill with that name was renamed Astrometric Acquisition.

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