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Scordite is amongst the most common ore types in the known world. It has a large portion of tritanium plus a fair bit of pyerite. Good choice for those starting their mining careers. 333 ore units are needed for refining.

Found in:

  • All systems

Volume : 0,15 m3
Units of ore needed to refine : 333

1-dose yield:
833 Tritanium
416 Pyerite


Condensed Scordite

Condensed Scordite is a close cousin of normal Scordite, but with 5% better yield. The increase may seem insignificant, but matters greatly to new miners where every ISK counts.

1-dose yield:
875 Tritanium
437 Pyerite

Massive Scordite

Massive Scordite was the stuff of legend in the early days of space exploration. Though it has long since been taken over in value by other ores it still has a special place in the hearts of veteran miners.

1-dose yield:
916 Tritanium
458 Pyerite

Ore's Card Game Version

Card Type : Location > Asteroid Field
Cost : 1
Income : 2
Mining : 2

When Scordite comes into play, sacrifice a location.
Scordite can be mined by two ships at a time.


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