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Security status

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Not to be confused with system security, sometimes confusingly referred to as "system security status"

Security status is a system to indicate how safe a character is; in other words, how likely is he to engage in acts of piracy or such. Due to way it is calculated, security status should NOT be treated as any kind of gurantee, but only as a very, very rough guide. Dishonorable pirates can have high security status, and honorable bounty hunters can have low security status...



A character's status is the same as its CONCORD faction standing. This standing changes when a character engages in certain activities. Destruction of player-owned ships or pods usually causes security standing to go down but killing NPC pirates (rats) or player pirates with a low security status will increase one's security status. Thus many pirates will alternate between killing players and hunting rats to keep their security standing manageable; and thus bounty hunters will lose security standing by killing pirates who have managed to maintain a reasonable security status.

Characters with a security status below -2.0 have traveling restrictions imposed by CONCORD and local empires (see here for details).

Attacking other characters is permitted in high security space under certain conditions:

  • by having kill rights
  • between parties of an active war
  • between parties of a factional warfare conflict
  • if a target has a security status of -5.0 or below.

Criminal offenses

The following actions are considered criminal in Empire space, and will result in a decrease in your security rating, and possibly a CONCORD-sponsored beat-down:

  • Attacking civilian craft
  • Destroying civilian craft
  • Pod killing civilians
  • Attacking law enforcement craft
  • Destroying a law enforcement craft

This translates to:

  • 0.5% loss per target for initiating aggression (read lose +-0.1 sec status)
  • 2.0% loss for ship destruction (read lose +-0.2 sec status)
  • 12.5% loss for a pod kill (read lose +-1.25 sec status)

Attacking includes not only activating an overt weapon system upon someone, but also use of offensive but non-lethal devices such as warp scramblers, energy destabilizers, and target painters. It also includes aiding others who are attacking, such as using remote armor repair module on a person who is committing a criminal offense (note that aiding a person who is being attacked is fine).

Simply targeting or scanning somebody is, however, not considered a criminal act.

When CONCORD intervenes it will attack the aggressor with overwhelming force and destroy it.

System security and its impact on security status

CONCORD actively patrols systems with system security rated 1.0 to 0.5. These are therefore known as "high security" or High-Sec space. While it does not patrol systems with lower security status ("low security" or Low-Sec), CONCORD will note the PvP actions of ships in ANY empire space whatever the rating (even 0.0 Empire space).

Note, however, that most systems with a 0.0 security rating are not included in the territory owned by the Empire. Not only are these areas not patrolled by CONCORD, no security rating penalty accrues to piratical action in them.

To summarize: unauthorized killing players in empire space will lower your security status. What you outside empire space, 0.0, will have no impact on your security status.

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