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Shield tank

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Shield Tanking

Shield tanking is a tactic that emphasizes stacking shielding on a ship and using modules, drones, or other ships to replenish damage done to it. It may also include adding modules that increase shield resistance to certain kinds of damage types.

Caldari and many Minmatar ships tend to be shield tankers, although some Gallente ships are good at it as well. Amarr ships tend exclusively to be armor tankers. Generally, any ship with 4 or more medium slots can be an effective shield tank.

The following modules, generally installed in medium slots, are often employed when shield tanking:

Shield Flux Coils decrease the amount time for a shield to recharge, but lower the total shield hp %. Therefore, they are not a good choice.

Passive Shield Tanking

Passive shield tanking utilizes the natural regeneration of the shield over time, to act in the place of an active shield booster. This involves modules which decrease the amount of time that the shield takes to restore, (Shield Power Relays, Shield Rechargers), and modules which increase the hp of the shield (Shield extenders).

Shield extenders and modules that recharge the shield are key in building a passive tank. An unbalance of either one could result in an inefficient passive tank. For example a shield the size of 5000hp that recharges at 215s (5000/215) only yields a basic ~22.3hp/s. If a shield was 21600, but recharged in 1460 seconds, the rate would be only ~14.8/s

To give an example of a good passive tank, a large shield, (14500), with a somewhat short recharge time (426s) yields a greater ~34hp/s, better than either scenario.

A large shield life also benefits a passive tank in another way. When a shield is 10% away it recharges at a slower rate, than say, 40% away. There is a certain range in the shield that it recharges the quickest, and that range is about ~30% of full strength. What a greater shield life does is increase the amount of time that a shield spends in that certain range. If a tank is to be cracked, it becomes more difficult to do so at around that range. This increases the odds of survival. A large shield life also protects against a high damage volley, as a passive tank needs to take damage over a longer time to be effective.

Active Shield Tanking

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