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Ship Equipment

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Ship Equipment in EVE is divided into different categories:


Icon warp jammer.pngElectronic Warfare - Debilitate your opponent.
Icon misc sensor.pngElectronics and Sensor Upgrades - Scanners, CPU boosts, Sensor boosts, and Cloaking.
Icon misc atom energy.pngEngineering Equipment - Capacitor, Powergrid, and energy stealing modules.
Icon misc helmet armor.pngHull & Armor - Armor/Hull protection, and physical ship function improvement.
Icon misc speed module.pngPropulsion - Speed/Agility enhancement, Warp stabilization.
Defense.pngShield - Shield enhancements.
Icon smartbomb.pngSmartbombs - Omni-directional energy blast.
Icon large railgun.pngTurrets & Bays - Weapons to fire at enemies, and modules to enhance them.

Other Ship Equipment

Icon small standard container.pngDeployable Equipment - Cargo Containers and Warp Disruption Fields.
Icon drone generic.pngDrones - Small remote spacecraft with weapons or other capabilities.
Icon rig generic.pngShip Modifications - Rigs. The things that go into your Upgrade Hardpoints.

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