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Shuttles are disposable transportation ships that can be purchased for around 20k ISK at frequented stations. All stations used to sell shuttles at a fixed price of 9k ISK until all NPC ship sales were discontinued in April 2008. Most people will immediately sell shuttles at their destination, and people who are slightly smarter will recycle them and receive minerals (used to produce items and ships), which you can never have too much of.

Shuttles have no fittable slots at all, and only 10m3 cargo spacem (20m3 for the Interbus Shuttle). They do travel extremely fast on their normal cruising speed, align for warp almost instantly and can warp large distances very quickly, having no other use for their capacitors. A shuttle occupies 500m3 of cargo space, when packaged, making them easily transportable in most ships.

While each race has their own shuttle design, they only differ in appearance, not in function.

The various racial shuttles all have similar characteristics, and in any event, the Shuttle is one of the few ships where shopping about is not useful at all. People will buy a shuttle at whatever station they happen to be in.

There are four types of shuttles in-game, one for each of the player races. A fifth (non-racial; otherwise no different), the Apotheosis, was made available as a one-time gift to all players in-game on the 5th anniversary of EVE's launch. A sixth, the Interbus Shuttle, (a repainted Gallente Shuttle,) was released with the retail edition of Apocrypha. All players can pilot all shuttles. Shuttles are inexpensive, ubiquitous, and very fast (500 m/s). They cannot be fitted with any weapons, shields, or other equipment, and have extremely limited cargo capacity (10 m3). They are essentially fast transport and scouting vessels, although quick profits can be had trading or running cargoes of high value density.

Shuttle Economics

Strangely, Shuttles used to act a something of a financial underpinning for the EVE market as a whole.

Every single station used to sell shuttles, in large quantities which are refreshed daily. A shuttle will reprocess into exactly 2,500 units of Tritanium (with the appropriate refinery skills). Given that the price of these NPC shuttles was a constant - 9k ISK, this effectively meant that all stations are selling Tritanium at 3.6 ISK per unit, in very large quantities. Since all NPC ships sales were discontinued in April 2008 Tritanium prices have surged over 3.6 isk in some stations and some regions Tritanium has reached over 4 isk as of May 2008.

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