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Siege guide

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Mechanics: At 50%-100% shields, you can do anything with a POS. Below 50% shields, you can no longer add strontium or online CPU-requiring modules. At 25% shields, the POS goes into reinforced mode and all CPU-requiring modules turn off. The tower cannot accept fuel, and remains in stasis (invulnerable) until its supply of strontium clathrates runs out. During reinforced mode, the tower eats twice as much of the non-strontium fuel per hour as normal.

Strategy: POS guns do not focus fire, they randomly pick targets from the list of available targets every shot. Because of this and a sieged dreads tanking ability, three or more dreads usually have little trouble tanking the most heavily armed battle POSes. The primary purpose of POS guns is to limit their use of non-capital ships. Large artillery guns are a trump card, because they do around the same DoT as the other long range guns, but not only can they choose damage types, they pack it all into one shot every 30 seconds, which can 1-shot cruisers and break through many BS shield or armor tanks. Even so, in a fleet of sufficient size, prealignment and warpout on damage can protect most battleships.

You want to have something like 12 or 36 hours of strontium in your towers, because they tend to go down at an enemy's peak time, and you don't want them killing your tower at the same time tomorrow.

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