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Smash the Stockyard

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Smash the Stockyard
Mission Type:
Agent Type:
Offering Faction: varies
Mission Level: 5
Enemy 1: Gallente Federation

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Mission Briefing


Overview and Objectives

The following objective must be completed to finish the mission:

Kill objective

Destroy the Gallente Naval Stockyard.


The following rewards and bonuses will be yours if you complete this mission:

  • Time Bonus: if within time

Encounter notes

Room 1

In the first room there will be 2 waves of Gallente Navy ships. This mission can be a costly one as none of the ships give a kill bounty, and being level 5, they are harder to kill than their counterparts in level 4 missions.

  • Wave 1
Battleships x5
Cruisers x4
Frigates x4 (both web and scram for various frigs)

The final BS seemed to be the trigger for the second wave

  • Wave 2
Battleships x5
Cruisers x6
Frigates x 6 (again web and scram)

Room 2

When you first warp in the Stockyard will be to your right. Ignore it for now and deal with the Battleships and sentry towers first. After you have made your first kill 2 Energy Neutralizing Towers will appear. These things can reach you no matter how far away you are; although, it did appear that the farther away I was the less they drained me. Once you have killed everything, start on the Stockyard. Bad news here; when the Stockyard gets down to half armor (!), there will be a re-spawn. Worse news is that the re-spawn will have Energy Neutralizing Towers. Kill the second wave and the Stockyard will go down fairly quickly after that.

  • Wave 1
Battleships x9
Sentry Cruise Missile Towers x10
Sentry Stasis Towers x4
Sentry Neutralizing Towers x4 (these come in waves; 2 after 2 tower kills, and then two more after you kill the first two)
  • Wave 2 (Re-spawn)
Battleships x10
Cruisers x 5
Frigates x 6 (web and scram)
Energy Neutralizing Towers x4


  • Recommended tank : passiv (nighthawk)
  • You can ignore the neutralizers, they dont need to get killed for completion.


This is obviously my first attempt at submitting a mission report, sorry for the hack job. We should be running another level 5 soon and I will do a better job getting all the info this time. :)


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