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Starbase Structures

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Various structures at a Player Owned Station


Control Towers - The central and defining structure of any Player Owned Station.


Missile Batteries - Stationary missile batteries for starbase defense.

Turret Batteries - Stationary turret batteries for starbase defense.

Electronic Warfare Batteries - Batteries providing electronic countermeasures for starbase defense.

Energy Neutralizing Array - Designed to neutralize the capacitor of hostile ships in the area.

Shield Hardening Arrays - Anchorable structures for the boosting of a control tower's shield resistances.

System Scanning Array - Surveillance structure for identifying and locating vessels within the system. (Obsolete/Nonfunctional)

Mining & Manufacturing

Assembly Arrays - Enable construction of items at Player Owned Stations.

Mobile Laboratory - This structure adds research & invention related slots to the capabilities of a starbase.

Moon Harvesting Arrays - Arrays designed to gather minerals from moons.

Reactors - Turn a simple element into a complex composite.

Refining Arrays - Take raw ores and process them into minerals.

Silos - Store moon materials and other materials involved in manufacturing.

Starships & Transportation

Corporate Hangar Array - Communal hangar structures with divisional compartments.

Cynosural Generator Array - Stationary Cynosural Generator, for rapid relocation of jump-capable vessels.

Cynosural System Jammer - The lock and key to a system's highway of cynosural passage.

Jump Bridge - Allow link of two Starbases in nearby systems and establish an artificial jump corridor.

Ship Maintenance Arrays - Allow a starbase to hold unoccupied ships and provide ship fitting facilities


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