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Starbase weaponry

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Starbase weaponry consists of starbase structures that can affect hostile spacecraft. These include all three main turret varieties (projectile, laser, and hybrid), as well as missile batteries, electronic warfare batteries, and the Energy Neutralizing Array.

Unlike most (but not all) other starbase structures, weaponry must be placed outside the starbase shield, and at that, no closer than 5km to the shield. This means that they must rely upon their component shields and armor, instead of that of the Control Tower.

Starbase weaponry can be manually operated if a skilled operator is present, and can be set to fire automatically at other times.


Automated defense

Starbase weaponry can be set to fire upon hostile forces coming into range.

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Manual defense

To take control of starbase defenses, a pilot requires the corporate role of Starbase Defense Operator. The pilot can assume control of 1 offensive gun or EW array per level in Starbase Defense Management skill. (If untrained, then the pilot cannot control any of these.)

The defense operator has to be withing 15km of the control tower. This also puts the pilot within the Control Tower's shield. The pilot can activate modules on their ship while controling POS guns, but they will not automatically recycle; they will stop after one cycle.

Note: POS guns can be controlled on stations in High Sec (0.4 - 0.7) space, but can only target players that are either at war, or are criminally flagged to your corporation.

Step by step guide to controlling starbase weapons

Bring up the control Tower context (right click) menu, and select 'manage'
This brings up the standard control tower management dialog.
Of the tabs provided, select "structures", then "control"
this will show the available structures that can be controlled, and will show their current status (on/off line, controlled by...). At the bottom will be buttons labeled 'Assume Control' and 'Relinquish Control'
Choose a gun, and select 'Assume Control'
Upon doing this, you acquire a new HUD, that indicates the starbase weaponry you are controlling. Once you have control of the weaponry you intended, you can close the control tower management dialog (if you wish).
If you wish to quickly relinquish control of a weapon, you can right-click on it and select 'source' / 'Relinquish Control'.
Relinquishing all gun control returns your ship HUD to you. When you are in POS gunnery mode, you cannot have ship modules active. (They will stop at the end of their current cycle.)
To quickly assume control of a gun, you can right-click on it, and select the option 'Assume Control'.
Select the weapon, then select the target.
Each weapon has a function key assigned to it (F1-F5), or you can click on the gun itself. Having done that, you can "simply" click on the ship, or click on the overview line listing the ship.
You cannot target ships in the normal way (right clicking on the ship and selecting 'lock target'); you get a message saying "Cannot target XXX while within a force field".
Note that starbase weaponry takes a LONG time to lock on a target, possibly 70 seconds or more. As each weapon locks on, you will see the icon of the target above the gun in your HUD, along with the range to that target.
Once locked, fire the weapons by using the function key indexes.
You can unlock a target, or relinquish a gun, by the gun's right-click context menu.

Manning your ship

Functions of your ship are unavailable while manning POS weapons. Not simply the modules, as noted above, but also warping. If you intend to leave the station, you'll need to relinquish control of the station's guns first.

Starbase guns and locking

  1. While a player has control of a starbase weapon, it will not lock or fire automatically.
  2. Any target locking going when a pilot gains or relinquishes control of a starbase weapon breaks that targeting cycle. Make sure you have control over all the guns you intend to before starting the targeting process.

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