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Starting a corporation

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Corporation management redirects here. This article is about managing a player corporation. For the skill, see Corporation Management.

Corporations (abbr. corps) are the Eve equivalent of "guilds" or "clans". They are player formed groups which provide a common chat channel and other options such as shared hangar space and item areas.

Corporations grow in complexity with size. Most likely you may not wish to make use of all the available functionality.


Forming A New Corporation

To form a new corp, click the Corporations icon in your NeoCon. Then click the Start Corporation button. You will be presented with a series of fields asking for such basic information as corp name, ticker symbol (your corps "initials") and so forth. Fill this out and click the X button (need exact text).


The person forming the corp with be charged a fee of 1.5 million ISK to do so. This initial amount comes from the players own account.

When you choose to rent an office, you will again be presented with a fee. This fee must be paid from the corps accounts, not yours. In order to get some initial funds in to the corps accounts, click the Wallet button on your NeoCon then click the Corporation Wallet and then click the "Give Money" button. Give enough to rent the office.

Tax Rate

Corps will require money to keep offices rented and to perform other functions. This money can either be given at-will by the members, or you can opt to set the tax rate to a value higher than zero. When the tax rate is set higher than zero, that percentage of ISK will be taken each time a member receives cash. So if your tax rate is set to 2% and a member earns 100k ISK, 2k ISK will automatically be transferred to the corps accounts.

Corporate Hangars

Bases where you have an office also include corporate hangar space. This is like a shared bank between corp members. There are two ways to give members access to the corp hangar.

Member Level Rights
This is an explicit permission stating that a specific user can access the hangar. (Detailed explanation to be added.)
Group Level Rights'
This means of role delegation is better if you have more than just a few members in your corp. Rather than setting per-member rights, you create a group and give the group rights, then add your members to the group If you ever need to change the rights, you make one change to the group permissions, and all members are affected. (Detailed explanation to be added.)

Corp FAQ

How do people join my corporation?
People must travel to your HQ or a station where you have an office. They locate your office and then click the "Join Corp" button. Once they fill out the basic application, you will receive their info in your Corp window. You can then click "Make Offer" to accept their app, at which point they must click the "Join Corp" button again. You can not just "invite" people to the corp like in other games.
How do I check the amount of funds the corp has collected?
Open your Wallet on the NeoCon and click the "Corp" tab at the top.

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