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System Scanning Array

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System Scanning Array
Cynosural System Jammer.jpg
Starbase structure
Sovereignty level: 2
Source: Purchased
Cost: 2.5 Mil ISK isk
Mass: 100 kg
Volume: 4,000m3
Icon22 16w.png Anchoring: 5 minutes
Icon22 16w.png Unanchoring: 10 minutes
Icon22 16w.png Onlining: 5 minutes
CPU small.png CPU usage: 25 tf
Powergrid small.png Power usage: 25,000 MW
Shield icon.png Shield HP 10,000
Armour icon.png Armour HP 15,000

As of the Apocrypha patch, this module may no longer operate:

Recent necessary changes to various capsuleer protocols have rendered these structures non-functional and obsolete.

The empire corporations who originally sold this structure have reached a deal with CONCORD to buy back all remaining examples.

CBD Corporation, Ducia Foundry, Material Acquisition, Minmatar Mining Corporation and Outer Ring Excavations are all now buying these structures at prices similar to the original retail price.

Obsolete Info

This module is a fairly strong (25 sensor strength) system scanning device. It requires a player to work it, for it to be of use.

Only one may be anchored in any solar system, and it requires Sovereignty 2 to anchor it.


  • Scan range: 999
  • Activation time: 90 seconds
  • Scan deviation: 15 km - 1,000 km

Patch notes

It was made known that this array "was recalled due to faulty wiring", in the Apocrypha patch notes. This array is no longer functional.

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