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A fast locking Frigate used to Warpscramble / Webbify an opponent until heavy hitting backup can arrive.

Tackling an enemy is very dangerous and you have a fair chance to die while you are tackling. That is why it is most commonly done in cheap frigates to make the whole venture as cost-effective as possible.



A good ship for tackling is:

  • Fast (to catch-up with the opponent)
  • Cheap (tacklers are expendable ships that need to be easy to replace)
  • Has at least 3 mid slots for the key tackling items.
  • Can lock onto a target quickly

A typical tackler has at least 3 mid-slots fitted with:

Some additional modules that may help a tackler are:


Although tacklers are not meant to be serious damage ships, many of them have bonuses toward small weapons. However, since frigates have limited capacitor, the high slots may need to be filled with Nosferatus. Frigates may not have enough Powergrid, CPU, or slots to fit significant weapons once the mid slots are filled.
Do not sacrifice tackling ability for damage-dealing. If you have a ship and skills that allows the fitting of projectile turrets or missiles/rockets (they don't require any capacitor) you can use those if your ship's resources and slots aren't all used.


To fly a tackler, you will need the following skills:

  • Frigate I, Frigate II or Frigate III, depending on which ship you wish to fly
  • Propulsion Jamming I
  • Afterburner I
  • To use a Microwarp Drive you need High Speed Maneuvering I, Navigation IV, and Afterburner IV


Most common ships are:


Only one Amarr ship has 3 mid slots.

  • Executioner has only 2 mid slots but is very fast and very cheap.
  • Crucifier has 3 mid slots but is slower and more expensive than an Executioner. It can control one drone.


These Caldari frigates have at least 3 mid slots. Since Caldari rely on shield technology, they generally have more mid slots than ships of other races.

  • Merlin has good resistances that comes with the racial frigate skill. It gives it more survivability, giving the heavy hitters more time to engage.
  • Kestrel is faster than a Merlin but has less defense.
  • Griffin is an electronic warfare frigate that is slightly slower and cheaper than the Kestrel, with less armor. This ship can control one drone.
  • Heron is the cheapest and fastest of the four, but with weaker shields. It can control one drone.


These Gallente frigates have 3 mid slots. Gallente frigates can all use drones.

  • Tristan has larger shields/armor that other Gallente tacklers, and has the fastest targeting speed, but is slower and more expensive.
  • Incursus is the third fastest of all frigates with 3 mid slots.
  • Maulus has smaller shields/armor than the others, but is less expensive and can control 2 scout drones or one medium drone.


These Minmatar frigates have 3 mid slots. Minmitar ships are generally the fastest of all the races.

  • Burst is the least expensive ship with 3 mid slots, but is slower and weaker than the other Minmatar tacklers.
  • Vigil is the fastest frigate with 3 mid slots. It has a 5% speed bonus per skill level, and can control one drone.
  • Rifter is just as fast as the Vigil, but has more shields, armor, and firepower.

Tech II

Electronic Attack Ships and Interceptors are the Tech II tacklers since they have bonuses toward speed and tackling equipment.


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