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Tactical Shield Manipulation

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Engineering Skill Tree

Primary Attribute: Intelligence
Secondary Attribute: Memory



Prerequisite Skills

Primary Skill Required


Those who have trained this skill to level 5 claim that level 5 is bugged in that it is like having the skill at level 1. (need report date)

There have also been debates over the usefulness of this skill. The argument goes something like this:
Assuming that damage taken by shields and armor combined is the same regardless of levels in this skill, it can be better to allow a portion of the damage to bypass the shields. For Shield-Tankers, this is because the passive regeneration of the shield is fastest the closer the shield is to a certain % (~30%), so allowing the armor to take some of it means the shield will not drop as fast past this optimal %. For Armor-Tankers, it's because the sooner you start taking damage to the armor, the sooner you can start repairing it and having some shields left at that time can't be a bad thing.

Is a prerequisite for

Level 5

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