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Tech 2

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The phrase Tech 2 (or T2) denotes a Ship, Ammunition, or a Module that is usually much more powerful in one or more ways than a regular, Tech 1 version of that item.



Tech 2 items require the Morphite Mineral that can only be obtained by refining Mercoxit, which requires Deep Core Mining to mine.

They also require their own Blue Print copy or original to make. Obtaining Tech 2 Blue Print originals are near impossible, as they were originally seeded out randomly in a lottery. A player wishing to obtain one would have to purchase it from a current owner, all of which would be unlikely to sell them. Tech 2 Blue Print copies can be obtained on the market for very expensive prices, or through Invention.

Tech 2 Modules

Tech 2 Modules are usually just an improved version of their Tech 1 counterparts. The exceptions to this are Tech 2 Turrets & Bays, which are permitted to load Tech 2 Ammunition, and Covert Ops Cloaking Devices, which have vastly different functionality than Prototype or Improved Cloaks.

Tech 2 Modules can be identified by the II icon in the corner of their portrait. Tech 2 Modules also often have a Meta of 5.

For more information, see Module.

Tech 2 Ships

Tech 2 ships are much more than just an improved version of the Tech 1 ship it is based on - they often have a complete role change and capability to do things the Tech 1 ship it is based on cannot.

Tech 2 ships often have vastly increased Resistances. They also have two ship skill bonus sets: one based on the Tech 1 ship skill, and the other based on the Tech 2 ship skill. For example, a Caldari Cerberus Heavy Assault Ship, a Tech 2 vessel, requires Caldari Cruiser to be at level 5, as well as at least level 1 in Heavy Assault Ships. For every Caldari Cruiser level, it gets 5% bonus to missile damage, as well as 10% to missile velocity. For every Heavy Assault Ships level, the Cerberus gets 5% to missile rate of fire, and 10% to missile flight time.


Tech 2 Ammunition generally comes in two flavors per Turret or Launcher type. For Turrets, there is a long ranged type and short ranged type. The long ranged type does decent damage, but can reach very far, while the short ranged type does the most damage of all. The long ranged type will usually have some small drawback to its use, while the short ranged type will have several drawbacks.

For Missiles, things are a bit different. For long ranged missiles (Light/Standard, Heavy, and Cruise), there is a damage type and a "precision" type. The damage type does extra damage at various costs (including a Capacitor cost), while the precision type has better Explosion Velocity and Explosion Radius at the cost of ship speed.

For short ranged missiles (Rockets, Heavy Assault Missiles, Torpedoes), there is a damage type and a long range type. The long range type has improved speed and flight time, to help it reach greater distances at a ship speed cost and damage cost. The damage type has improved damage at the cost of Capacitor, amongst many other things.

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