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The Alliance

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Top 5 Alliances by Membership
1. GoonSwarm Icon23 02.png
2. FREGE Alliance Icon11 02.png
3. Interstellar Alcoholic Conglomerate Iac.jpg
4. Band of Brothers Icon14 04.png
5. Ultima Ratio Alliance.jpg
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The Alliance

The alliance in EVE is the largest player organization. It is composed of solely of player corporations and their members. With member counts often numbering in the thousands, alliances hold vast sway over regional politics, sovreignity, and economics. Alliances are the only player organization where war is a feasible option. It is also the only entity where war brings significant benefits. Before editing alliance info, see our alliance template for inspiration.

Notable Alliances

Major Territory Alliances Minor Territory Alliances
Goonswarm 3rd Front Alliance
Against All Authorities Ekliptika
Tau Ceti Federation FREGE Alliance
Solar Fleet Huzzah Federation
Curatores Veritatis Alliance Lotka Volterra
Sev3rence New Outer Ring Allied Democracy
Sylph Prime Orbital Systems
Morsus Mihi The Sudden Death Squad
Red Alliance
Stain Empire
United Legion
Razor Alliance
Intrepid Crossing
Ethereal Dawn
Inactive or Disbanded Active Non-Territory Alliances
Conlegium Interstellar Starbase Syndicate
The Curry Alliance Glamour Syndicate
The Curse Alliance The Cyrene Initiative
Fade Union The Tsurokigaarai Corporation
Nexus Union
Paragon Syndicate
Otherworld Empire
XETIC Federation

Alliances By Region

North West South East Central
Ekliptika Band of Brothers Ascendant Frontier Veritas Immortalis 3rd Front Alliance
FREGE Alliance New Outer Ring Allied Democracy Firmus Ixion Red Alliance Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Dusk and Dawn Lotka Volterra Huzzah Federation
Imperial Republic Of the North Prime Orbital Systems The Sudden Death Squad
NBSI Alliance Stain Alliance
The Phoenix Alliance Stain Empire
The Forsaken Empire Sylph

All Alliances

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