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Eve Online Guide

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The Basics

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About EVE

Eve Online is a dazzling online universe of immense proportions. In Eve you can be what you want to be. Maybe you have some spare time on your hands? You can mine for profit or fun, or if fighting for the side of good tickles your fancy you can try bounty hunting; it's great fun though profits are often quite limited. For the evil inside of us all, you can be like the legendary Verone: a pirate! Hunt down other players and make them beg for mercy! Show the world that you are a bully and not afraid of it! Extract a ransom from them and send them on their way! These are just a few of the options that are available in Eve Online.

There are thousands of star systems each with space stations, planets, asteroids belts and even some hidden surprises. Since everyone is connected to the same server you never feel like you are alone in an empty world. The world, ships, and features of the game are expanding into greatness. The developers have repeatedly implemented good features that the community has requested, as well as following trends to create new features that were not asked for but will most likely be well received by the community.

The current average number of players connected to the game ranges between 12,500 at lowest and up to 50,000 at highest.

Glossary of EVE Terms

Like any fully integrated activity, EVE has its own jargon and specific uses for words that deviate from common usage. Learn more here.

Items Index

An extensive list of the items in the EVE Universe. From ship fittings to illicit drugs.


With the inherent ability to apply skills to the mechanics, occupations are a cornerstone of EVE's open-ended game play.

People and Places

Important players, devs, corporations, and locales.

Races and Factions

The denizens of EVE are multiethnic, each with their own rich history. Witness all of the newly unfolding destinies.


The elite pod-pilot community supports a booming interstellar spaceship industry. This industry is composed of multiple developers and producers and the variety of ships is truly staggering.

PvP in EVE

Combat between players, market PvP, mining PvP etc. Almost every action a player does in EVE affects someone else in some way and in most cases this becomes a Player versus Player situation where one comes out on top.

See also Dasfry's guide to Military Tactics & Military Strategy

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