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The Blood Raider Covenant faction ships

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A dangerous religious cult who practice gruesome blood rituals in a search for purity, the Blood Raiders primarily conduct a holy war against the Amarr Empire, usually using adapted Amarrian vessels.

Only frigate, cruiser, and battleship faction ships exist at this time. These ships are generally considerably better than Tech I ships, though not necessarily better than Tech II ships. However, they do not have nearly as high skill requirements as Tech II ships. Faction ships range from mildly rare to extremely rare, and usually cost as much as or considerably more than a Tech II ship of the same class.

Playable Ships


Cruor: This is one of the more potent capacitor-draining frigates out there, sporting a webifier bonus for tying prey down. Unfortunately, it's slow and only possesses 2 mid slots, making it a somewhat poor choice for a tackler.


Ashimmu: Simply a continuation on the concept established in the Cruor, the Ashimmu is simply a larger and more resilient leech-ship - with a noticeably reduced ability to deal damage, courtesy of no damage bonuses, limited turret hardpoints and a complete lack of dronebay. Still, with Cruiser-level Nosferatus and Neutralizers, the Ashimmu enjoys a level of safety that its smaller cousin simply cannot approach.


Bhaalgorn: This is a fearsome line-of-battle ship and a vicious nano-killer. While mediocre in terms of firepower compared to other battleships, it is nevertheless heavily armored, with an excellent grid and layout, and a tremendous capacitor. It boasts a supreme ability to neutralize its enemies and keep them in place through its bonuses to Energy Vampires, Energy neutralizers and Stasis Webifiers.

Deadspace Ships

Asteroid Belt Ships

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