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The Bounty Hunter

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The Bounty hunter is someone who hunts down and kills players with large bounties on their head. A bounty is collected by destroying the pod of the person that has a bounty on their head, which usually means blowing up their ship first.

Unfortunately, once the bounty on someones head is worth more then a new clone they will often have a friend of theirs kill them to collect the bounty and split the money, which makes the bounty system in Eve almost pointless. Also the costs involved in hunting down dangerous criminals will most likely never be covered by the occasional bounty one might collect. Full time bounty hunters are rare in Eve, because the profession is extremly dangerous compared to higher paying missions but not very rewarding. However the bounty system does work in that, if the character does not collect the money himself, others will be more obliged to work harder at catching or destroying him, than someone without a bounty.

The career of a bounty hunter may be low in pay, but the excitement and fluid job nature balance out the drawbacks. No single "job" is the same except for the sheer cunning involved in tracking down the prey. Also, ridding the world of scum and getting recognition for this is very enviable, whether you are hated and feared by the lawless community or adored by the law abiding one.

As mentioned above, the full-time bounty hunter is extremely rare.

See: locator agent, bounty office

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