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Tutorial Agents

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There are two styles of tutorial or starter agents. The first are in starter school stations and offer one 2 part mission called "The Endless Battle" There are 60 of these agents as of Revelations 1.3 and anyone with above -2 standings (counting Diplomacy) with their faction can do the mission. The second tutorial agents were added in Revelations I and have 3 separate 10 part missions. There are only the three missions but each major empire has a set for a total of 12 new agents.


The Endless Battle Agents

Part 1: Rewards: 20k isk and 25k isk if completed within 95 minutes. 0.059% corporation and 0.0% faction standings boost.

Part 2: Rewards: 17k isk and 16k isk if completed within 72 minutes. 0.619% corporation and 0.217% faction standings boost.





The 10 part tutorials






External Tutorials

Aside from the in-game tutorials, there's also a number of external tutorials and guides which tend to work best when used with the in-game browser.

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