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University of Caille

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University of Caille
Ticker UC
Size Tiny
Extent National
Headquarters Bourynes VII - Moon 2 - University of Caille School
Offices 10 in 10 systems
Shares 100000000
Share Price 200
Share Holders Chemal Tech 40%
Pend Insurance 30%
Quafe Company 30%
Activity Education
Partner Chemal Tech
Competitor Senate

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The largest school in the world of EVE, with almost half a million students, the UoC has long acted as a melting pot for cultures and ideas from all over. As befits its status UoC offers a wide range of studies, but is best known for its extensive anthropology department.


Carbircelle Hatiniestan



  • Megnyve Charis
    • Chief Advisor

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