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It's obvious to me that a lot of work went into this wiki in the past, but that in recent times, it's fallen into disrepair. I think that now is a great time to revitalize this wiki; EVE is out in stores, every webpage you go to has EVE ads, and there are a lot of new players. And in today's society, where do people go when they want information? The Wiki.

I myself have only been with EVE for about a year, and I was saddened when I came to the conclusion that there was no truely great info source out there. If you want information about missions, there's a site for that; if you want to know about salvage, there's a place for that; but the EVE community as a whole is really lacking a central hub of info. What knowledge there is is spread out, diffuse, and at times almost secretive. As I've said, I really think this site can shape up and become what this community needs; namely, a go-to for almost any info-quesst or querry.

Those of us who know and love the game need to make this as great a site as we can manage, and not only for the sake of new players. After all, EVE is so vast a game that you could still be trying new things years into it! A helpful database can go a long way towards helping everyone.

Now, I don't want to make it sound like this Wiki is currently broken or worthless; like I said, you can tell a lot went into it, but in a lot of places it's still rough around the edges and full of holes. And since I've only been with EVE for a while, and since I don't have any clue on how to go about expanding some certain things, I'm just hoping that my month-long editing binge will help inspire everyone out there to get back in the game and pitch in.

What I've Done So Far

1.) Item Tables: I never cared for the clumsy in-game way of comparing items, and I hate flipping back and forth through the cumbersome Evelopedia item pages, so I set out to make comparative lists of each and every type of module in the game. There were a few already in place, which is where I got the idea. I included advanced Faction/Officer items cuz, like I said, old rich players need info sometimes too. I've got most all of them covered; but I've never used much in the way of probes/deployables in-game, so I don't feel qualified to touch on those much.

If you see a table that you think would be better as a sortable, or needs another stat column, please add it in! I'm not one of those people who thinks whatever I've edited is now pure gold and doen't need further touching. I just want the site to be good.

2.) Ship Pages: I did the item tables because I thought, "well, everyone needs to put stuff on their ship." Then I took it a step further, and thought, "first, you need a ship!" Almost all of the ship pages had outdated info, and a great many had ancient or downright crappy pictures.

Pictures: The new ship-view feature in game is, in my opinion, one of the best additions ever. I tried to find good, high-quality "in space" pics, but ended up taking a lot myself in this new way. My philosophy/opinion on ship pictures: Cool scenery and background is great, but if you can hardly tell what the ship itself looks like from the thumbnail, it shouldn't be the main image. It goes in the gallery, if in the page at all. The main pic needs to show what the thing actually looks like. I'm also toying with the idea of adding more visual-comparison pictures, like, showing the differences between the Tempest Fleet and Tempest Tribal. Just because ships are cool to look at.

Info: A lot of the ship stats were outdated. I tried as best I could to fix this, but I can't guarantee I caught everything. I mainly looked for Resistances and Bonuses. I know for a fact that there are probably ship pages with incorrect Weights, Volumes and Inertias but I didn't actively look for them because, well, real life infringes, and finals are coming up, and who really cares about those stats?

Sidebar: There was an awesome info-sidebar on the Wyvern, and on no other ship. I shamelessly took this idea and expanded it and applied it to all the pages. I think it makes the pages look much nicer, while at the same time being not nearly so "LOOK AT ME!!" like that other EVE wiki has.

3.) Subsystems: Beautified. Not saying they're perfect, but they're without a doubt much nicer to look at now. There needs to be a balance between good information and a good presentation; much like EVE itself, actually. In EVE, the graphics are visually amazing... which can make up for the fact that sometimes you feel like you are playing Excell, or, using a dozen menues instead of a joystick, etc etc. Oh, added their Skills too.

4.) Starbases: Really suprised at how sparse and drab this whole section was. I really have no experience with POS's so not much I could add besides stats and, you know, actual pages.

My Next Steps

1.) Currently working to gather info to revitalize the hideous and informationless faction/race pages. Will probably be slow going due to finals week the summer lazies.

2.) I'm kind of a ship enthusiast, and there are at least 18 ship models/hulls/types only available to NPCs. I'm really itching to give them their own pages, just for fun (of course with a big fat "NPC, you will never ever own this ship" disclaimer). Any thoughts? Update: Did the Jove ships, sidebar's not quite right cuz I can't manage transparent .png's.

3.) Noticed a few skills are redlinks. Might as well take care of that.

PS I am in love with the Eidolon.

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