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I am an imperial inquisitor perusing the heresy of abused HTML tags.

I will tell you up-front I am extremely biased about using HTML as a markup language, not a display language. That's okay we're all biased, recognizing your own bias is the first step to mitigating it.

If I am occasionally... overzealous in my prosecution of HTML abusers, you can yell at me and revert my edits. I won't take it too personally.

I strive to maintain a neutral POV regarding in-game material. My character's beliefs and actions in-game should ideally have little to no impact on my edits to this wiki. That is why my character information is not on this page. I will not provide links establishing a tie between my characters and this account now or ever, though a clever person would probably still be able tease them out of the vast tapestry of the Internet if sie really wanted.

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