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Eve Online Guide

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          ==EvE Online Beginner guides==

1. Always have a skill training at all times.

2. Do NOT! remap your attributes (intelligence, memory etc.) until you know what ships you want to fly and have made a long skill plan for it. That plan can be everything from 2 months up to 1 year. You have 2 remaps. When you have use the 2nd one the timer starts and your next remap will be ready in 1 year.

3. Figure out a soon as possible what you want to do in game and train towards that goal. Download Evemon (EvE skill planner) and EFT (EvE Fitting Tool) to make this easier. Also check out EVEHQ.

4. Download and read ISK 3.0 and EvE Careers Guide. Read as much as you can find out about the game. The VAST majority of the documentation for Eve online is player generated and scattered throughout the internet. Follow blogs, read web pages (see below). Why? You will get a better understanding about the game and what you want to be doing in EvE.

5. Join a good Corp. That can be hard to find, but it is worth finding the right one. That will make your journey so much more enjoyable and rewarding. If you are new to to the game I suggest that you join the EvE University to start with.

6. Ultimately, whatever your goal, whatever else you may learn during your existence in New Eden, you need to profit. Without that, might as well go back to being a civilian.

7. Keep your clone up to date. (Read more under Medical Clones & Jump Clones)

Winrar has an 30 day trial, so if you would like 30 days instead of 14 go to

If there is any link to youtube clips in this guide you can't watch them in-game because of EvE's in game browser dosen't support flash for security reasons. So you have to right click it and copy url and paste it in your regular web browser.

Here is what I would advice you to start reading: ISK 3.0

Isk 3.0 is a well written guide with almost everything a new EvE player would want. Everything from how your GUI works to the basics of manufacturing stuff in EvE.

EvE Careers Guide is some information on all the different type of occupations in EvE. Careerguide

Here is some more possible career choices. Careers


General Guides

EvE's own database with guides and such.

News, updates and lots of helpful guides.


Lots of guides

EvE lingo, guns, ammo etc

EvEMon and EFT Guides

EFT tutorial

Guide to EveMon

How to get started with EveMon

Ship Fitting

Lots of good tips for fitting your ships

Different types of ship fittings

Ship fitting guides


PvP guide

PvP null sec info

Beginners Guide to Piracy


Halada's The Complete Miner's Guide

Ore shart

Some ore info and locations

Mining 101 By Brendan Drain

Exploration & Ninja Salvage

Exploration Guide v2.0

Guide to exploration

Ninjasalvaging Guide

Ninjasalvaging frigate setup guide

Where to ninja salvage

Scanning Guide


Wormhole guide

Status of wormholes

E-war or What is ECM/ECCM? Are the rats jamming your ship?

ECM/ECCM guide

Agents and Missions

Missions guide

Finding Agents and increasing your Standings in EVE

Incursion guide fleet setup and tanking

Epic mission arcs

Faction standing repair plan

LP Store

LP Store

Market & Trading

Market Prices and You

Trading for Very Beginners

Yashmyns station trading 101

Medical Clones & Jump Clones

What happens when my character dies?

FAQ: Project Rebirth (aka Jump Clones)


Possible guide to drones

Battleclinics guide to drones

Planetary Interaction

Guide to planetary interaction

Youtube clip


Velocilogic Blog

More in-depth guides

Random stuff

  • To change shortcuts, press esc and go to the "shortcuts" tab.
  • How do I get back to my Tutorial?! Just press F12 and click the tutorial tab.
  • Be sure that you read the mission descriptions and that you accept the mission before you exit the station. And if it's a delivery type mission, be sure that you have the package or whatever you are about to deliver in the cargo of your ship.
  • Ctrl-Clicking something in the overview will make you lock it (If it’s in range), Ctrl + space will stop your ship. Double click to go in that direction. Double click wrecks in overview to loot.
  • Your default short-cuts are shown in the escape menu. You can change them to suit. Or if you want them back to default, hit 'reset to default' or whatever that button says.
  • You can group guns of the same type by shift-click dragging them on to the each other.
  • Make sure you know whether a module is passive or active, else you might end up with an active module you think is passive (Yes it happens a lot)
  • Pay attention to those EVE mail notifications, some of them are about your ship insurance expiring. Renew the insurance… Or lose a lot of ISK.
  • Learn how to set up the overview. f.ex one for PvP, one for mining, one for missions etc.
  • "What tha hell is learning skills? And why do every guide say that I should start to train those skills first?" You don't. Learning skills have been removed from the game and you can ignore any guide or forum post explaining how and in what order they should be trained.
  • You have 100% faster training bonus for the first 1.6 mill SP.
  • When in doubt, right-click! Give's you ton of good info about guns or modules etc.
  • By going to your characters ‘Standings’ tab and inspecting the info of the various factions you can see what Agents belong to said faction and are available to you. You can then chart a course to their home system and station.
  • After you get podded, buy a new clone.
  • You can split a stack by shift + dragging.
  • You can join other chat channels by clicking the speech bubble in the upper right corner of your chat window.
  • "How do I find my API key?" Go to link Feel free to give out your limited API key. Because the Full Access API Key provides so much information about your characters, it is recommended that you only supply it to individuals and applications you trust. More info on API keys: link
  • There is a yellow can floating out in space, can I loot it? -Usually it's can flipping, and you should leave it. link
  • What happens when Injecting a skill? -You will add the skill to your existing skill to be trained later. That way you don't have to store it, it will always be in you skill list in the character sheet.
  • How and where do i join a specific chat channel? -There is a small speech bubble in the top right corner of your chat window that you click.
  • Where is the stuff i just produced? Where is my deliver button?
  • Where did my blueprint go? -If you started manufacturing something by using your bluepring, if it still has available runs on it it will reappear in your station cargo when the production is ready and you press the deliver button.
  • How do I deploy my drones? -If you have them stored in your drone bay you need to right click on the desired drones within the 'Drones in Bay' section of the overview and select 'Launch Drones'.

You should also try to use the shortcuts (esc --> shortcuts) for recalling drones and try to get use to it. It will save you a lot of drones in the long run.

  • What does "overload rack" mean? --> link
  • How do I inject capacitor with cap boost? -Capacitor Booster modules use ammo called "Cap Boosters" which can be found on the market under 'Ammunition & Charges' -> 'Cap Booster Charges'.
  • How do I drop off my cargo to my mission agent? If you are docked at the the station listed in your mission you open your ship's cargo bay and drag the item over to your stations cargo hold.
  • Who is CCP? CCP is the short for Crowd Control Productions and are the makers of EvE Online.
  • Man! I don't have any money. How do I get some cash? -Tutorial missions will get you some ships and skills to start with. Then you should go on to do the epic arc mission (found under Agents & Missions).

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