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A Warp is the act of using your ship's Warp Drive to travel to another object in the Solar System, or a Bookmark. Warping should not be confused with a Jump, as a Jump describes the act of using a method (i.e. Stargate) to travel to another Solar System, not traveling around within it.

Warps consume Capacitor, but nothing else. Different ships require differing amounts of Capacitor to Warp, while greater distances require more Capacitor than shorter distances. In addition, If you have no Capacitor, you can't Warp. If you have some Capacitor, but not enough to take you the whole distance, your ship will Warp as far as possible to the object, then stop.

Different ships also have different warping speeds. A Frigate tends to have a very quick Warp speed, while Freighters Warp extremely slowly in comparison. Hyperspacial Rigs can be used to adjust this factor favorably. If the warp is initiated in a Fleet using the "Warp Squad/Wing/Fleet to Location" command, all ships will travel at the warp speed of the slowest ship.

Methods of Warping

  • Generally, Warps must be made to objects that can be seen in the overview. You cannot just Warp in a random direction.
  • However, it is possible to create Bookmarks anywhere - even in the midst of a Warp. If you do this, you can Warp straight to the Bookmarked location from anywhere in the Solar System. Using this method, your ship can reach a location that isn't near a Warpable object, thus making it so other ships cannot simply warp to an object to reach you. This is called a Safespot.
  • Safespots aren't entirely safe, however, as a ship can make use of Scan Probes to track down your ship. Scan Probes can scan a Solar System for objects that don't show up on the Overview, and permit the user to attempt to warp to those objects.
  • Another usage of the Warp Drive is to cross a Grid. Most Warps take you from one Grid to another, but you can Warp to another object currently on the grid if that object is at least 150KM away from you. You can perform such a Warp to most objects in space on the current Grid, with the exception of Wrecks, Cargo Containers, or ships not in a Gang/Fleet with you.

Warping Process

When you initiate the Warp, the ship must achieve two states before it can take off. The ship will try to achieve both states simultaneously, and will Warp the moment both states are satisfied

1. Alignment - The ship will turn to face the direction. Depending on the turn rate of your ship, this could be very short or take a long time. It is possible to point your ship in the direction of your destination before issuing a Warp command to skip this process. It is also possible for a ship to bump into another ship to disrupt this process.

2. Charging - When you first initiate a Warp, your ship's speedometer will be replaced by a (Warping) meter, and attempt to accelerate the ship as it would normally. Once the speedometer reaches about 75% of of maximum, as well as being aligned to the destination, your ship will spring forward into Warp. If a ship bumps into you during this process you will probably lose some of the charge that was built up, and have to re-align as well.

If you are Webbed after you have entered the charging phase, you will enter Warp very quickly. This is because the 75% of the meter that needs to be filled suddenly becomes a much smaller number, since the Maximum speed of the ship becomes much smaller when Webbed. However, the value of the charge already built up is retained, and is almost always more than enough to instantly fill the new 75% quota.

Similar to other MMOs, the effect can also be obtained through the use of Afterburners or MWDs. By first activating the module, then starting the deactivation while simultaneously initiating the Warp. The idea is to time it so that the charge phase begins sometime just before the module turns off, thus reducing your maximum speed and creating the same effect as with the Webs above.

Stopping a Warp

To stop an enemy Warp, there are numerous methods available:

1. Warp Disruptors and Warp Scramblers. So long as you can keep one of these modules functioning, targeted, and in range of the target, they will be unable to Warp. Warp Core Stabilizers give a resistance to these modules, which gives a random chance of escape if the target tries to Warp (which they will do rapidly). To restore the guaranteed lock-down, you must have a total combined Warp Disruption strength that is at least a single point higher than the Warp Stabilization factor.

2. Various types of Bubbles. There are Warp Disruption Bubbles, which are stationary deployable objects, Interdictor Bubbles, which are launched from Interdictors, and Warp Disruption Field Generators, which are fitted to Heavy Interdictors. All of these Bubbles have a fool-proof Warp Disruption, so no amount of Warp Core Stabilizers will counteract the effects. However, if the ship can fly out of the Bubble's sphere, then they may engage their Warp Drives.

3. Bumping. By Repeatedly flying into the enemy ship, it will knock them out of alignment for Warp. This is dicey, as they may still squeeze off a lucky Warp in between hits (possibly by changing their destination).

4. Draining their Capacitor. If they have no Cap, they can't initiate Warp. This is probably the hardest method to utilize, as even a small amount of Cap between drain cycles can allow them to make an escape via a partial Warp.

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