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Warp Core Stabilizer

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A Warp Core Stabilizer, abbreviated as WCS, is a low-slot module used to prevent someone from warp scrambling your ship.

It works in a simple manner. Warp Jammers have a scrambling strength: Warp Scramblers add a strength of 2 to the affected target, while Warp Disruptors add a strength of 1. Conversely, a single installed and onlined Warp Core Stabilizer will deduct 1 strength. If the total strength of all Warp Disruptors, Warp Scramblers, and Warp Core Stabilizers equates to 0 or less, the ship may Warp as normal.

Warp Core stabilizers carry a penalty to Signature Resolution and targeting range. Adding even just one will likely severely cripple the ability of a vessel to fight.

These modules will not have any effect on Interdictor and Heavy Interdictor bubbles, Mobile Warp Disruptor bubbles, or Heavy Interdictor focused scrambling.


Name Meta Level Targeting Range Penalty Signature Resolution Penalty Warp Scramble Strength CPU cost
Tech I Warp Core Stabilizer I n/a -50% -50% -1 30 tf
'Accord' I Core Compensation 1 -48% -48% -1 29 tf
'Repose' I Core Compensation 2 -46% -46% -1 27 tf
'Stoic' Core Equalizer I 3 -44% -44% -1 26 tf
'Halcyon' Core Equalizer I 4 -42% -42% -1 24 tf
Tech II Warp Core Stabilizer II 5 -40% -40% -1 35 tf


  • Prior to the Revelations expansion, Warp Core Stabilizers didn't carry the penalties to Signature Resolution and Targeting Range. It was very common for combat vessels to carry 8. Not only would such a setup nearly ensure escape if the vessel could Align, it allowed for a Guerrilla Warfare Tactics with long range fitted vessels.

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