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Warp Disruption Field Generator

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The Warp Disruption Field Generator is a module designed for use by Heavy Interdictors. Briefly, it is simply a warp jammer that jams the warp in an area. It allows the ship mounting it to project a field around itself that will prevent any ships within it from engaging their warp drives – essentially a ship-mounted bubble.

This effect is up to 30km in range, and is effectively an infinite strength just as with any other bubble, rendering Warp Core Stabilizers and similar counter-measures ineffective. This means Titans, Motherships and Dreadnoughts in Siege Mode are vulnerable to its effect.

While the field is active, the Heavy Interdictor suffers a 90% penalty to Microwarpdrive and Afterburner max velocity bonuses and an 80% penalty to the thrust bonuses of these modules, making them almost wholly ineffective. Activating the module also increases the signature radius of the Heavy Interdictor by 50%. Its mass is also reduced by 80%, making it easy to bump (and as a side effect making it a good choice of "pufferfish" to safely collapse wormholes).

When active as a ship-centered warp bubble, the warp disruption field has a base range of 16 km (the effect is increased by 25% per level of the Heavy Interdictors skill, giving a practical minimum of 20 km). When deployed in this fashion, the module cycles every 30 seconds and uses 150 capacitor charge per cycle.

A Warp Disruption Field Generator can also be switched into focused mode via a script. When this mode is utilized, the warp disruption effect can reach 50% further away, but requires it to be activated on a targeted ship, similar to a Warp Disruptor. It also consumes twice as much capacitor per second, but loses all of the penalties to mobility and signature radius. This mode still possesses the infinite strength, making it ideal for pinning warp jamming immune ships. This module is the only way to warp jam a Mothership or Titan in low sec, since bubbles cannot be deployed there.

Since Trinity 1.2, there is only one Warp Disruption Field Generator module in-game, the Warp Disruption Field Generator I. It requires the Graviton Physics skill to be trained to level 4.

When used as a ship-centered warp bubble, the Warp Disruption Field Generator can only be activated in 0.0 space. When loaded with a Focused Warp Disruption script, the module works like a standard warp disruptor and can be use anywhere.

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