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Warp Disruption Fields

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Also known as "Warp Bubbles," Mobile Warp Disruptors are arrays that you carry in your cargo and then launch and anchor thus creating a warp scrambling "Area of Effect" (looks like a bubble in space, hence its name). These come in small, medium, and large sizes, having increasing range with each upgrade.

A favorite tool of the pirate, any ship warping into the grid from the direction of the bubble will be thrown into the bubble short of their actual warp destination, and will be unable to engage their warp drive so long as they are within the bubble's sphere of influence. Only once the victim has left the bubble on conventional drives may they warp.

Warp Bubbles are considerably expensive, and cannot be used in any system unless it has no security (0.0).

Interdictors can launch Warp Disruption Probes (also called interdiction spheres), a more temporary kind of bubble, and Heavy Interdictors can fit a Warp Disruption Field Generator, which projects a bubble around it.

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