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Widow new.jpg
Tech 2 Black Ops
Basic Fitting Information
Powergrid small.png Powergrid 8,800 MW
CPU small.png CPU 760 tf
High slot icon.png High Slots 7
Medium slot icon.png Medium Slots 8
Low slot icon.png Low Slots 4
Turret hardpoints.png Turrets 0
Launcher hardpoints.png Launchers 5
Rig slot.png Rig Slots 2
See Fitting for more information.
Basic Combat Attributes
Shield icon.png Shield HP 5,312
Armour icon.png Armour HP 4,375
Icon max velocity.png Max Velocity 106 m/s


Description & Bonuses

Name: Widow
Hull: Scorpion Class
Role: Black Ops

Black Ops battleships are designed for infiltration and espionage behind enemy lines. With the use of a short-range jump drive and a portal generator, they are capable of making a special type of jump portal usable only by covert ops vessels. This enables them to stealthily plant reconnaissance and espionage forces in enemy territory. For the final word in clandestine maneuvers, look no further.

Developer: Kaalakiota
As befits one of the largest weapons manufacturers in the known world, Kaalakiota’s ships are very combat focused. Favoring the traditional Caldari combat strategy, they are designed around a substantial number of weapons systems, especially missile launchers. However, they have rather weak armor and structure, relying more on shields for protection.

Caldari Battleship Skill Bonus:

  • 5% bonus to cruise and siege missile launcher rate of fire per level
  • 10% bonus to cruise missile and torpedo velocity per level

Black Ops Skill Bonus:

  • 30% bonus to ECM target jammer strength and multiplies the cloaked velocity by 125% per level

Note: can fit covert cynosural field generators and covert jump portal generators. No targeting delay after decloaking



Structure hit points : 4,375
Capacity : 650 m3
Drone Capacity : 75 m3
Drone Bandwidth : 75 Mbit/sec
Mass : 151,100,000 kg
Volume : 468,000.0 m3 ( 50,000.0 m3 packaged)
Inertia Modifier : 0.055

EM Damage Resistance : 0%
Explosive Damage Resistance : 0%
Kinetic Damage Resistance : 0%
Thermal Damage Resistance : 0%


Armor hit points : 4,375

Armor EM Damage Resistance : 50%
Armor Explosive Damage Resistance : 10%
Armor Kinetic Damage Resistance : 25%
Armor Thermal Damage Resistance : 55%


Shield hit points : 5,312
Shield recharge time : 3125.00 seconds

Shield EM Damage Resistance : 0%
Shield Explosive Damage Resistance : 50%
Shield Kinetic Damage Resistance : 40%
Shield Thermal Damage Resistance : 30%


Capacity : 5,312.5 GJ
Recharge time : 1087.50 seconds


Maximum targeting range : 72 km
Maximum locked targets : 7
Scan resolution : 115 mm
Magnetometric sensor strength : 24 points
Signature radius : 432 m

Jump Drive Systems

Jump drive capacitor need: 95%
Maximum jump range: 2 ly
Jump drive fuel need: Nitrogen isotopes
Jump drive consumption amount: 300


Max velocity : 106 m/sec
Ship Warp Speed : 3.0 AU/S Ion propulsion strength : 8 points
Base price : 156,497,220 ISK


Tech 1 versions : Scorpion
Tech 2 versions : Widow
Faction versions : Rattlesnake

Skill Requirements

Primary Skill Required

Secondary Skill Required

Recommended Certificates

Certificates are introduced in the Quantum Rise expansion pack.


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