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When a ship is destroyed, a wreck is left behind. Wrecks can be salvaged by ships using Salvager modules, and are the source of salvage parts. These parts can either be sold on the market, where they vary considerably in value from mere hundreds to hundreds of thousands of ISK, or they can be used to make rigs.

Like jettisoned cans, or cans released from destroyed vessels, wrecks are not stable and will disappear after an hour or two.

Unlike cans, which have a great many structure points and are difficult to destroy, a wreck has few and is easier to destroy. This is not necessary, but can be useful if the player wishes to deprive others of the opportunity of salvaging the wreck. Wrecks are protected by the criminal flagging system, in the same way that a Jet Can is, but only for the purposes of taking items from them. They may be salvaged by anyone who finds them, though only the owner can use a tractor beam to drag them closer.

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